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How to Be Wise When the Temps Rise

  As we continue to learn more about the effects of the sun on our bodies (especially on our skin), it’s [...]

vybe’s Got Your Back: Our Guide to Backpack Safety

  Back to school season is here, and it’s time to think about the age old, essential school (and fashion) [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “Passed Out on the Schuylkill River Trail: Heat Exhaustion or Something Wrong?”

  Dear Dr. vybe, Let me start by saying that I run Broad Street every year and running is basically my whole life. [...]

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

  Turn on the news and you are sure to hear plenty of conversation and controversy surrounding immunization; [...]

4 Ways to Swim Safely This Summer

  Nothing beats the summer heat like a dip in the pool or a relaxing float in the ocean waves. While swimming [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “I Busted My Groin at a South Philly Street Fest. What Now?”

  Dear Dr. vybe, This past May, I hit a new low. Literally. You don’t know shame until you’re 27-feet up a [...]

How to Keep Your Skin Safe this Summer

  Ah, yes — the season of sun and fun is here, and we have so much planned: hiking, beach trips, and plenty [...]

4 Most Common Summer Outdoor Injuries

  Nothing ruins summer fun like a burn, bruise, or blister. As the days get longer and people are out enjoying [...]

Staying Cool Means More Than A Dip In The Pool

  When the summer heat has you feeling fried, cooling down fast is all you can think of. The obvious solutions [...]

Dehydration: Three “Who Knew?” Causes You May Not Have Considered

Feeling parched? It may not have to do with the summer heat or your vigorous workout, although those are definite [...]