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How to Be Wise When the Temps Rise


As we continue to learn more about the effects of the sun on our bodies (especially on our skin), it’s crucial to be more proactive before we think about stepping out on a summer day. Sun safety is a year-round concern, but when the hottest season is in full swing, those rays can be brutal.

We’ve all been told to put on sunscreen and stay in the shade, but there is more to know and do to protect your skin from the serious damage that the sun can bring. Gone are the days of “laying out” until you feel fried. Remember: your skin is your body’s layer of protection and largest organ, so it should be protected, too! These sun safety tips will be your skin’s savior for the rest of this summer and all year long.


Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

It’s not just the folks with the fairest skin who need to slather on the sunscreen — we all need sunscreen, no matter your skin type or shade. Even if you rarely burn or blister, that doesn’t mean you’re avoiding sun damage or immune to skin cancer. However, those with darker skin are often less likely to check for skin cancer because they believe their higher melanin levels protects them. Regardless of your skin type, it’s best to play it safe: before you go out, apply sunscreen generously to any exposed area on your body.

Here’s a pro tip: don’t leave your lips uncovered. They’re sensitive to sunlight too and burnt lips aren’t any fun! If you think you’re lips are burnt or swollen, our staff can take a look and make sure you’re on the right track to healing — just stop by any of our locations!


Spot Check

You may think you’ve been pretty thorough with your sunscreen game from head to toe, but beware of the most commonly overlooked spots — that’s where the sun can really get you. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your back (get help if you’re not particularly flexible), eyelids (just don’t get it in your eye), the tops of your hands and feet, the tops and tips of your ears, and any areas that may need special attention like scars or sunspots. And for you sunbathers who have tattoos, remember to show them extra care when you’re laying out — you don’t want them to fade!

If you missed a spot and you’re in major pain, we can take a look to make sure everything looks normal.


Road Trip!

Lots of people hit the road this time of year, and road trips are the perfect way to see the sights while vacationing. But when you’re cruising through the countryside and enjoying some nice views, your windows must be protecting you from getting sunburnt, right? Unfortunately, that couldn’t be more untrue.

The sun can permeate through your windows, come in by way of sunroof, and if you drive a convertible, it’s beaming right on your body. Just like you’d apply sunscreen for a day at the beach, remember to always do the same before hitting the open road. Plus, you certainly don’t want a tan on just one side of your face! If you’re ever unsure, check out vybe’s eight sunscreen tips before you hit the road.


The Wonders of your Wardrobe

The marvels of modern technology and helpful inventions have made it easier to avoid sun damage, thanks to clothing with UV protection built right into the fabric. Along with applying sunscreen to your skin, this additional layer of protection is a fashion-meets-function phenomenon. Coolibar, for example, sells protective clothing for men, women, children, and babies — even hats, swimwear, and accessories. Speaking of accessories, there are plenty of shades with UV protection in the lenses so you can look chic while giving your eyes the coverage they require.


Get Checked Out

Now when we say “get checked out”, we mean by a licensed doctor, not just another beach goer who thinks they know their stuff. Make it your mission to schedule an annual exam with your dermatologist to do an all-over body check. If you see something suspicious on your skin, don’t wait ‘till it gets worse. Have it looked at immediately!

Now that you’re better prepared for the season, you can have fun in the sun with peace of mind. Take all measures possible to protect yourself — no golden tan is worth the worry. And remember, our team at vybe urgent care is always here to help make sure your skin is in good shape!


If you’re suffering from a severe sunburn, stop by your local vybe for a checkup.