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Staying Cool Means More Than A Dip In The Pool


When the summer heat has you feeling fried, cooling down fast is all you can think of. The obvious solutions work well, but what if there were ways to chill that you never considered? When there’s no shade to slip under or a swimming pool to splash around in, you can cool off in a more creative way, showing summer who’s boss. Before you melt like a hot fudge sundae on a hot tin roof, read on!


Can Spicy Foods Fool My Body?

Bring on the barbeque, but instead of mild sauces and seasonings, perk things up and add some spice to your sizzling selections. While it seems like spicy foods will only make you hotter, what they’ll do is turn up your body temp, causing you to sweat, therefore cooling you down. If you don’t mind perspiring onto your picnic blanket, kick up your kebabs, add some fire to those franks, and give your burgers a boost!


Should I “Graze” Or Go For A Full Meal?

Speaking of eating, less is more when the weather is wicked warm. This doesn’t mean cutting calories, just space out your snacks into mini-meals rather than three larger ones. Digesting a big meal may make you feel lethargic or uncomfortable as your body works hard to digest whatever you’ve wolfed down. You’ll fare far better by grazing, meaning eating smaller portions every few hours to keep you fueled rather than full. Plus, less belly bloat under your bathing suit!


I Can’t Sleep Without A Blanket, But The Heat Has Me Tossing And Turning. What’s Comfy And Cooling?

Consider using a big bath or beach towel in place of your heavy comforter or blanket. Maximize the comfort by getting under one that’s a bit damp. It may feel funny at first, but as you settle in, the cool sensation against your skin will be refreshing and relaxing. You may not even need the AC, saving you some money in the process. By the time morning comes, you’ll wake up feeling cool and well-rested, and you can even grab the towel right off your bed and head straight for the beach!


Using Lotion And Sunscreen Makes Me Feel Even Stickier. How Can I Feel Fresh And Protect My Skin?

There is no excuse for skipping out on skin care, especially in the summer. The UV rays are strong and steady, ready to ravage your skin if you’re not proactive and protective. But humid weather can make application of moisturizers and sunscreen feel gooey and gloppy. Skin that’s already hot to the touch feels even heavier when covered over with thick lotions and potions. But ditching this important to-do is a major “don’t.” Stay cool and well-covered by storing your products in the refrigerator. You’ll look forward to the application as you cool off as you rub it on. Just don’t mistake your SPF for something to eat!


Is Minty Fresh A Real Phenomenon? Can Mint Make The Summer Swelter More Survivable?

Chew on this…peppermint can make the heat more tolerable, so pop a piece of peppermint gum (or even a sprig of the real thing) and you’ll feel cooler in an instant. The mint opens your airways, so as you take a breath, you’ll feel a blast of relief from the heat. Make the most of peppermint by adding some leaves to your ice water or making peppermint popsicles for an afternoon snack. You’ll feel invigorated even on the hottest of days, and the “side effect” of fantastic breath is a bonus your friends will appreciate.

Staying cool is achievable. Just don’t overdo it and pay attention to your body. If for some reason you can’t cool off no matter what method you choose, you may be experiencing something severe. Stop into your local vybe urgent care if you can’t beat the heat and you don’t feel well. Otherwise, have fun this summer, and don’t let the high temps hold you back.