Digital X-rays at Urgent Care


What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is an imaging test that a medical professional uses to diagnose a condition or an injury. It’s non-invasive and requires you to sit, stand or lie still for a short time while the machine uses a small dose of radiation to take a picture of the affected area.

X-rays show breaks, fractures, and dislocations. An X-ray can also be used to detect issues with internal organs. This is called a chest X-ray and helps a clinician see how well organs like your lungs and heart are working. 

Does urgent care do X-rays?

Yes! vybe urgent care offers X-ray services at all of our locations. If you think you have an injury or condition that requires an X-ray, a licensed clinician will evaluate your injury or condition and determine if an X-ray is necessary.

Once complete, we’ll provide you with a digital copy of your results and can share them electronically with another provider or specialist at your request. Please note that we cannot accept radiology orders from outside vybe.

How much does an X-ray cost?

Without insurance, X-rays at vybe are $235 ($135 for the office visit and $100 for the X-ray). If more than one body part requires an X-ray, an additional $100 will be charged per body part.

How much do X-rays cost with insurance?

The cost of an office visit with an X-ray will vary depending on your insurance plan. vybe does not offer standalone X-ray services for those paying with insurance and an office visit is required. Please contact your health insurance provider to answer questions about your coverage, deductible, or co-pay.

How long do X-ray results take?

X-ray procedures usually last less than 15 minutes and in most cases you’ll have your X-ray results back within a few days. In emergency situations, you’ll have same-day results.

Who reads X-rays at urgent care?

A Radiologic Technologist (RT) or a board-certified Limited X-ray Machine Operator (LXMO), will perform your X-ray and provide the results to a physician who will evaluate the results of your X-ray.

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