Why vybe

We’re here to make healthcare easy

In the Philadelphia region, we enjoy some of the best healthcare options in the world. But what good is great healthcare if it’s difficult to get care when you need it? Consumers today expect convenience, personalized attention, and results. Many other industries have evolved to meet these expectations, yet healthcare has stayed the same—inconvenient, expensive, and impersonal—until now.

Great care and great service can go together

We formed vybe on the basic belief that everyone deserves great care. Urgent care has become “the new way to be seen” for many consumers who are fed up with long waits or expensive ER bills. All urgent care providers claim to be affordable, accessible, high quality, and fast. To gain your trust, we need to be all that— and more.

We’re redefining urgent care with you in mind

Our complete focus is on your experience—as a patient and a consumer—and have developed a service culture that puts you first. A “service culture” means every patient can expect our unique mix of empathy, kindness, and quality care. We welcome everyone with a smile and do everything we can to solve your problem and make you feel better.

You’ll feel better as soon as you walk in

First impressions matter. Our centers are warm, comfortable, and inviting. We’ve installed charging stations and serve free coffee. One of our patients put it best: “vybe has clean, bright, well-done interiors—that might not matter to some, but to me, being sick in a drab old place makes being sick all the more miserable!”

And you’ll feel even better when you walkout

In creating a healthcare experience that feels different and personal, we realize that one solution will not fit every patient. We’re committed to helping you solve whatever healthcare problem or need that you have—even if it means helping you arrange a visit to a specialist.

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