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The 5 Most Common Places to Experience a Dislocation

A joint is any place in your body where two bones meet. You have hundreds of joints that support your body from head to [...]

When to Worry About a Sprained Ankle

Ankle sprains are incredibly common for people of all ages and activity levels. While sprained ankles are the #1 cause [...]

What Is a Heat Rash?

Summer brings many great things, from sunnier days to fun outdoor activities. But as we sweat more than usual, we have [...]
What To Do for a Wasp Sting

What To Do for a Wasp Sting

In Pennsylvania, wasps are most active during the summer months. Like bees, hornets, and yellow jackets, wasps are [...]

What to Watch for After a Tick Bite

With spring and summer comes more sunshine, more time spent outdoors – and more bug bites. When we expose our skin in [...]

How to Stop Poison Ivy From Spreading

“Leaves of three, let them be.” This is a phrase you’ll want to remember if you enjoy spending time [...]

Stages of Frostbite and When to Seek Care

Winters in Philadelphia aren’t for the faint of heart, when the City of Brotherly Love becomes the city of [...]
Understanding Tendinitis: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

What Is Tendonitis?

Ever notice a sudden pain in your elbow, wrist, or other parts of your body? It might be your body’s way of telling [...]
Urgent Care v Emergency Room | vybe urgent care

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room: Which Do You Need?

Have you ever been in a situation and wondered if it calls for an emergency room (ER) visit? A study found two-thirds [...]
Urgent Care Has Your Back This Spring Break

Urgent Care Has Your Back This Spring Break

People across the northeast are itching for a little fun in the sun. Cue spring break! Over the next few weeks, social [...]