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4 Ways to Swim Safely This Summer


Nothing beats the summer heat like a dip in the pool or a relaxing float in the ocean waves. While swimming is an excellent form of exercise and an even better way to keep the kids occupied, this summer activity can mean danger for those who aren’t careful.

No matter how experienced a swimmer you are, disaster can strike in just a matter of seconds if proper, preventative measures are not taken. That’s why vybe urgent care is here to give you practical safety advice for you and your family, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the water. Here are four helpful swimming safety tips to stay afloat this summer season:


1.  Keep an eye out

When you’re caught up in the good vibes and warm weather, it can be difficult to stay vigilant. However, when your kids or family members are in or around the water, your number one priority should be constant supervision.

While it may be easier to let an older sibling supervise the little ones, an adult should always be within an arm’s reach. Even when you’re in full-on hawk-mode, remember to only swim in the ocean where a lifeguard is present—even the strongest of us is no match against massive riptides. If you’re with a group, you can try implementing the Water Watcher method—it’s easy and keeps everyone safe and stress-free!

Consider the buddy system to make supervision even easier—and more fun! Not only does it make for quality bonding time with friends and more exciting games of Sharks and Minnows, but swimming with one or more people allows for a wider safety net. Say things go south at the local swimming pool and a friend witnesses the imminent danger – they can make an adult aware of the situation, and expedite the process of reaching a vybe urgent care facility!


2.  Watch your water intake

Just because you’re surrounded by water doesn’t mean you’re staying hydrated. Like any other sport, swimming causes you to sweat and, therefore, causes you to lose water without even realizing. Dehydration can cause feelings of exhaustion, over-heating, and a weakened mental state which can potentially lead to injury or, in the worst case, drowning.

In order to keep your muscles working at full capacity and your body temperature regulated, make sure to hydrate before, during, and after you swim. And try to lay off beverages with caffeine or alcohol when you’re taking a dip—they can contribute to dehydration. If you begin to exhibit mild dehydration symptoms, steer clear of the sun and chill inside with air conditioning, fluids, and ice packs. If your symptoms become more severe, don’t hesitate to walk into your local vybe for assistance.


3.  It’s all about flotation

Floaties may look cute and pool noodles are fun to play with, but neither will do much to help you in the case of a true emergency. If you’re just splashing around with your kiddos in the pool, floaties can be a good option. But if you’re doing any swimming in the deep end or enjoying boat rides or watersports, there’s only one way to go.

Life jackets or vests are the only devices proven to prevent you from drowning in the water!

If someone in your summer crew needs a flotation device to keep them safe, make sure you’re using the right kind—it makes all the difference.


4.  The dangers of diving 

Diving into pools or bodies of water can bring on dangerous injuries. If you don’t know the depth of a natural body of water, it’s best to just avoid jumping in all together. If you’re looking to practice your swan dive or cannonballs, only do so in pool areas where it is designated to dive and with lifeguards present! Little ones should avoid diving or jumping all together until they’re ready to.

Should you find yourself or a fellow swimmer injured or shaken up by a bad diving experience, stop by any of our vybe locations to get yourself back on the right track. No matter your level of swimming training or skills, it’s always important to practice water safety when you’re spending time near the pool or ocean this summer—as your local urgent care, we’re here to help you do just that!