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How to Tell if Your Foot Is Fractured

The bones in your foot can be completely or partially fractured in a number of ways, ranging from tiny cracks to full [...]

Most Common Types of Ticks in PA

Warm weather traditionally signals the start of tick season in Pennsylvania and nationwide. However, researchers are [...]

I’m Not Sick, Why Am I Coughing So Much?

Sometimes, coughing is a good thing. A cough is a natural reflex that expels air from your airways, helping to clear [...]

Can You Develop Asthma as an Adult?

If you’re an adult and have never experienced asthma before, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief. Most [...]

Why Is the Inside of My Ear Itchy?

Having an itch that you can’t scratch – especially in an unreachable place like inside your ear – is a [...]

What Does the Color of Your Mucus Mean?

Mucus. Snot. Phlegm. Whatever you call the thick, gooey substance that pours out of your nose or you cough up when [...]

Can You Get an STD Without Having Sex?

Many people engage in foreplay and other sexual acts with the assumption that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can [...]

4 Curable STDs: Get Tested, Get Treated

To say that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are widespread would be a massive understatement. There are more than [...]
5 Surprising Causes of Nausea

5 Surprising Causes of Nausea

Whether you’re out to eat, attending an important meeting, or getting ready to give a presentation, nausea can hit [...]
When to Worry About a Fever

When to Worry About a Fever

You’re hot and sweaty. You’re weak, tired, and just feel lousy. You shiver with chills and before you know it, [...]