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What Is a PPD Test and Why Do I Need One?

Tuberculosis, or TB, is one of the world’s leading infectious disease killers – and the bacteria that cause [...]

How to Overcome Your Dust or Dust Mite Allergy

The start of spring isn’t just about warmer days and flowers in bloom. It’s also time for spring cleaning, which [...]

Can You Have an STD Without Having Symptoms?

“Out of control.” That’s how health experts describe the recent surge in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) [...]

Stages of Frostbite and When to Seek Care

Winters in Philadelphia aren’t for the faint of heart, when the City of Brotherly Love becomes the city of [...]

Is It Food Poisoning or the Stomach Flu?

Many holiday celebrations include indulging in desserts and other rich foods with family and friends. However, in the [...]

3 Surprising Things That Will Increase Your Blood Pressure This Winter

The blustery winds and freezing temperatures of winter can create all sorts of health problems, such as the flu, asthma [...]

RSV on the Rise: Protect Yourself & Your Family

The flu. COVID-19. And now, RSV. RSV cases are surging this fall, rapidly filling hospital beds across the country. [...]

Ear Infections: 9 Commonly Asked Questions

You can probably remember the sharp pain of an ear infection when you were young. Or, perhaps you’ve recently had [...]
vybe urgent care Offers Moderna’s Bivalent Booster at All Locations

vybe urgent care Offers Moderna’s Bivalent Booster at All Locations

Philadelphia, PA – November 1, 2022 – vybe urgent care, the leading independent operator of urgent care centers in [...]
Understanding Tendinitis: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Understanding Tendinitis: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Ever notice a sudden pain in your elbow, wrist, or other parts of your body? It might be your body’s way of telling [...]