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Minor Burns


Boils & Abscesses

Boils and abscesses are essentially different words for the same condition – a skin infection with a collection of [...]

Animal Bites

Whether it’s an animal you know, or one you don’t, you should take all animal bites very seriously.  The major [...]

Sports Injuries


Auto Accident Pain


Sprains, Muscle Pains, Fractures & Dislocations

Sprains and pains happen, no matter your age or fitness level. Did you overdo it during training, get hurt during a [...]

Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds, & Lacerations

Cuts Sometimes, a cut is just a minor scrape or a scratch that can be treated at home. Examine your cut carefully. [...]

Rashes & Skin Disorders

Sure, you can scratch that itch or just hope it goes away. However, only when you find the cause of the rash can you [...]

Back Pain & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain has become an epidemic, caused by desk jobs and the way people use their phones. Sitting and working [...]