Boils & Abscesses

Painful red lump? Maybe it’s a boil.


Boils and abscesses are essentially different words for the same condition – a skin infection with a collection of pus below the skin. A boil may appear in an oil gland, a sweat gland or anywhere beneath the surface of your skin. Some common areas of the body where you may find a boil are the face, neck, armpits, shoulders or buttocks. A boil that appears on the eyelid is called a sty. Symptoms include the appearance of a red, swollen, tender lump, possibly accompanied by a fever and swollen lymph nodes.

People often confuse boils and abscesses with cysts. Cysts are a non-infected enlargement of the normal structures of the body. A good example is a sebaceous cyst, which is just an inflammation of the sebaceous gland (oil glands of the skin.)  Sebaceous cysts are where many abscesses begin, if they persist they can become infected.

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