Back Pain & Neck Pain

Achy neck or back? You’re not alone.


Back and neck pain has become an epidemic, caused by desk jobs and the way people use their phones. Sitting and working at a keyboard all day pulls our neck and back forward into a posture that puts a strain on the muscles.  When you relax at night, your neck and back muscles may stiffen or spasm as a result of going back to their normal position.

Neck and back pain often happen together, but with slightly different symptoms:

Back pain

Symptoms of back pain can include aching, stiffness, and difficulty standing straight without pain and muscle spasms.

Have you heard someone say “I threw out my back?”  This is usually the culmination of continued misuse, incited by some minor trauma.  The cause of the discomfort may be a muscle spasm or an issue with a disc in your spine. Most people get initial treatment for back muscles, but if the condition persists or occurs frequently, it’s worth checking your spine.

Neck Pain

Symptoms of neck pain can cause muscle pain, headache, tingling in the arms, and a stiff neck.

Have you heard someone say, “I slept wrong and my neck hurts?”  It’s probably a combination of all the things you did the day before that led to your neck feeling stiff the next day. We put a lot of stress on our neck when driving to work, slouching at work, watching TV, and bending our necks to look down at our phones.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

If you’ve been in an automobile crash, you might be experiencing trauma-induced back pain, neck pain, or whiplash. If you’re a person who works out regularly and is considered in “good shape”, these symptoms may be less severe.

No matter what the cause, when you’re experiencing pain, you can’t be yourself. If you’re experiencing pain or have been in an automobile crash, stop by your local vybe urgent care and be seen today.

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