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vybe vs. The ER [Infographic]

vybe vs. The ER [Infographic]

When unexpected health mishaps arise, many people’s first reaction is to head to an emergency room. However, if those illnesses or injuries aren’t true emergencies, not knowing the best option for care can end up costing you both more time and more money.

In observance of urgent care awareness month, our latest infographic highlights the differences between vybe and an emergency room. That way, the next time you require medical attention, you’ll be able to choose the best option!

How is vybe different from emergency rooms?

Both vybe and ERs have licensed medical staff and lab testing on-site. However, ERs have access to trauma-specific specialists and equipment, making them ideal for severe life-threatening conditions. If your health concern is not life-threatening, there’s a good chance vybe is a better option, either by visiting your nearest vybe urgent care location or getting seen virtually using vybe’s online urgent care service. Visiting an ER for less-severe injuries or illnesses can put an unnecessary dent in your wallet while not receiving a higher quality of care.

Urgency or emergency?

Urgent care clinics are perfect for health issues that arise in everyday life.  They’re not serious enough tor the ER, but you just can’t wait for an appointment either.  In this way, urgent care serves as a vital link between the emergency room and primary care physicians. Here are some examples of what can be treated at one of our walk-in clinics and/or by using vybe’s telemedicine service:

While vybe providers can assist with a variety of symptoms and conditions, true emergencies are best treated at the ER. Visiting an ER is appropriate for conditions like seizures, drug overdoses, severe injuries with excessive bleeding, severe chest pain, and breathing issues.   

If you have questions about the different services vybe offers, give us a call or check out our service page to view a full list of urgent care services we offer.

Dollars and sense

Emergency rooms are more expensive than urgent care centers, charging an average of $2,259 per visit, while urgent care centers charge an average of just $168.  Shifting to the appropriate use of urgent care would save American consumers approximately $4.4 billion annually.

Another reason for lower out of pocket costs is that many insurance plans feature lower co-pays for urgent care services than treatment in an emergency room. 

For those without insurance, a basic self-pay visit with a vybe provider in person or virtually is $125,  and this includes evaluation and management of symptoms, as well as any in-office lab tests for pregnancy, glucose, and urinalysis, or lab draws. To learn more about vybe’s self-pay option and prices, you can visit our self-pay pricing page.

What’s the difference in wait times?

Higher costs aren’t the only factor to consider when deciding between vybe and the ER.  Ninety-two percent of urgent care visits take 30 minutes or less to see a provider, and 90 percent of urgent care visits take an hour or less to complete. In comparison, this is much less than the average wait time at an ER, which is four hours.

At vybe, we also offer patients the option of checking in online for both in-clinic and virtual visits. By using vybe’s online check-in feature, patients can save their spot in line without having to fill out lengthy paperwork.

How does vybe’s quality of care compare to emergency rooms?

vybe provides personalized care that an emergency room simply cannot—and you’ll feel the difference as soon as you walk in. vybe’s average satisfaction rating on Google from past and current patients is 4.6/5.

vybe was founded on the idea that everyone deserves access to convenient quality care, and that belief is as strong as when we first started. vybe is accredited by the Urgent Care Association (UCA)–the highest distinction for urgent care clinics. This means that vybe patients can expect attentive, high-quality care that helps them feel better, faster.

So, what does it all mean?

When deciding between vybe or the ER, the severity of your health concern is what matters. Severe, potentially fatal conditions should always be treated at an ER. However, vybe urgent care can treat less-serious issues more quickly, at a lower cost, with equal, if not better, quality of care. To learn more about the differences between vybe and the ER, check out our new infographic.