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Tasnim Beg’s Healthy vybe

A chat with Tasnim Beg, vybe physician:

Why did you decide to work in healthcare?

I love learning how things work and using the wide variety of tools we have in general medicine — counseling, medications, exercises, diet and lifestyle changes, and more.

What do you like most about working at vybe?

Being available for people when they need medical care. With the shortage of primary care physicians (PCPs), patients cannot always see their PCP on short notice or may not have one. By accepting walk-in and uninsured patients, we are helping provide access to everyone.

What’s your favorite area of Philadelphia?

Our extensive park system — we are lucky to have such beautiful spaces within the city and preserving our history.

What’s your favorite Philly sports team or event?

The July 4th fireworks on the Parkway — so beautiful reflecting in the Schuylkill River and on the buildings.

peter hotz fishing in nantucket with his family

What’s your favorite workout song?

Anything Lady Gaga or Beyoncé.

What’s on your bucket list?

To see the Great Barrier Reef while it’s still around!

What show do you binge-watch?

The Mindy Project — it’s a comedy about an OB-GYN in NYC. Mindy is Kelly Kapoor from The Office.

What’s your most helpful health tip?

Every little bit counts — a healthy food here, a few extra steps there. It adds up!

How do you find your vybe? (How do you stay healthy?)

Running with my dog. And yoga without my dog — she’s too good!