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Keep an Eye on It: Preventing Eye Injuries

When it comes to eye injuries, it’s always wise to be on the lookout — literally! Eye issues can result in serious problems.

While some eye injuries are more prevalent during the warmer months, protecting your peepers is important all year-round. As always, vybe is on the lookout for your health and wellness. These four eye injuries are common, but preventable — our helpful tips can save you a world of hurt in the blink of an eye.

The swing that stings

It’s fun to play outdoors and get some exercise — be it at the ballpark, on the golf course, or on the playground. But while you’re focused on sportsmanship and fun, danger can loom if you’re not careful: the catcher can wind up being whipped in the eye with a wayward bat, a foul ball can fly right into someone’s face, and if you stand too close to the golfer swinging…you’ll wind up with a shiner. Don’t give up the game, just be aware of your surroundings, as well as others participating.

If fun is what you’re after, make sure safety is also on your radar. Accidents can happen, but eye injuries should be checked out right away — luckily, we’re here for you seven days a week.

Beach bummers

A day at the beach is always a pleasure, but not if you wind up with an eye injury rather than some R&R. When you’re setting down your beach towel and planting your umbrella in the sand, securing your digs is more important than you’d think.

In most cases, your umbrella will stay put and do its job of protecting you from harmful UV rays. But weather can be unpredictable, and high winds can cause your umbrella to go flying, potentially impaling folks who had no idea what hit them! Ouch.

That pointy bit at the top could cause major damage to an eye if it aligns unexpectedly. Pro tip: rock the umbrella back and forth into the sand and make sure the post is a third of the way down. Most importantly, pay attention to the wind! Even if your umbrella is secure, windy conditions can cause sand to fly into your eyes — yes, sand in the eye feels as awful as you would imagine and can cause scratches or irritation.

If you’re homeward bound from the shore and think you may have caught some sand where it doesn’t belong, we can help to make sure that your vision doesn’t become compromised.

More pools, more problems

There are countless safety measures to take when you’re enjoying a day at the pool, but in terms of eye safety, chlorine is the real kicker. It’s not uncommon for someone to be sensitive to the chemicals, making a dip in the pool a big problem for some. Wearing goggles is always a good idea, even if you don’t commonly have any issues with chlorine — the pH balance could be off for a number of reasons, leaving you with red and watery eyes.

Be extra diligent with the kids, as they may forget to close their eyes while underwater. Blurred or otherwise impaired vision due to irritation will make the rest your everyday activities hazardous. If you think you’ve had an allergic reaction to chlorine, visit your local vybe Urgent Care for a cure.

Reject the rays

It’s no secret that protecting your skin from the sun’s intense UV rays is important, so why would your eyes be any different? Believe it or not, those same rays can be damaging to the eyes. Wearing UV-blocking sunglasses is an easy choice: you’ll get coverage and look cool at the same time.

But be mindful when you’re buying new shades, because not all sunglasses have UV protection built-in. Be sure to look for the sticker or ask the store clerk for a recommendation. If you can’t wear shades (or forgot them at home), be sure to protect your eyelids from burning by applying a non-irritating waterproof sunblock specially formulated for your skin’s sensitive regions. SkinCeuticals makes a special sunscreen perfect for the eye area — it’s liquid-resistant, so it won’t run into your eyes causing them to water or burn.


For added measure, wearing a wide-brimmed hat always helps. If the rays hit you in new and painful ways, you can always visit us for a second opinion. Whether it’s eye-related or something bigger, you can always bring your health concerns to our vybe team. You’ll be seen urgently, and treated kindly.