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High-Fives or Hands Off?

Before you extend your arm for a handshake or walk hand-in-hand with your honey, there are a (literal) handful of good [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: How Do I Remove a Tick I Got on My Wissahickon Hike?

  Dear Dr. vybe,   What I love about this time of year is that there are fewer pests to bug me while I [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: Does My New STD Mean My Boyfriend is Cheating?

  Dear Dr. vybe,   I’m not one to point fingers – and up until this point I’ve had nothing but [...]

Get The Skinny On Skin

  Love the skin you’re in? The answer should be “YES!” We’re used to seeing our skin in the mirror and [...]

Antibiotics: A Cure Or A Curse?

  You wouldn’t use crutches to subdue a stomachache, nor would you rub anti-itch lotion on your temples to [...]