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Dear Dr. vybe: Does My New STD Mean My Boyfriend is Cheating?


Dear Dr. vybe,

I’m not one to point fingers – and up until this point, I’ve had nothing but love and trust for him. But I’ve recently tested positive for an undisclosed STD that I know I got from my boyfriend. I’m certain of this because he’s the only one I’m sleeping with—and I thought I was the only one he was sleeping with.

Now I’m starting to overthink all the little things. He comes home late after dancing all night at the Dolphin and leaves my texts unread while he’s out at Vesper. He claims he’s going to the gym for late-night workouts, but I know Sweat Fitness closes at 10! I now have the stress of dealing with an STD on top of questioning my significant other’s morals.

I’m trying not to freak out, but this is all a lot to handle. Give it to me straight, Doc. Is my boyfriend to blame?

Infected with Infidelity


Dear Infected with Infidelity,

There’s a lot that goes into a situation like this. The first thing to point out is that it’s very common to be a carrier of an STD without showing immediate symptoms. So, he could have given it to you without knowing he had it from a previous partner, and you could have had it before sleeping with him. I’m no psychiatrist, but my best advice in regards to your relationship would be to have an open and honest conversation with him before pointing fingers.

I’m assuming you know what you have because you got tested. That’s a great first step, and you should take comfort in knowing that you’re taking charge of your health. The next steps are completely dependent on what kind of STD it is, but generally speaking, most of them can be cured with antibiotics or managed with other medication. The most important thing is to get treatment right away and to finish taking all of your antibiotics if that’s what is prescribed.

Be sure to keep up regularly with STD testing in the future – especially between partners. That way they don’t end up in scary and confusing situations like this one! You can stop in at any vybe location to get yourself tested—no need for an appointment. We have several locations, so stop by if you have any questions.

Going to Get Tested Now