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COVID-19 Vaccine Cards: Everything You Need to Know

COVID-19 Vaccine Cards: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a new card you’re going to want in your hand, and the benefits are arguably more impressive than a royal flush – your COVID-19 vaccination card.  

If you’ve been vaccinated along with over 100 million others in the U.S. alone, this card is today’s must-have. 

No shot yet? The CDC reports that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. vybe urgent care is offering vaccinations at multiple locations with same-day appointments available.

The perks of being a cardholder

For many, the prospect of getting out and about – after months of staying home – is reason enough for inoculation. Need even more of an incentive to get your hands on one of these cards? 

Immunity has never looked (or tasted) so good. 

Playing your cards right

This paper card is not the ideal size for most wallets, but whoever said anything about pandemics being convenient? 

While you may be tempted to laminate your card, please don’t. Your vaccination will likely be supported with a booster shot, which means you’ll want the update on your (unlaminated) card. 

Instead, it’s best to keep your card at home in a safe and secure spot. However, as more places require a card for entry (or perks!), you may wish to bring it out with you. Here are some tips for when you do. 

  • Keep your card in a zipper portion of your wallet or purse
  • Encase in a folded sheet of cardstock and plastic baggie for extra protection
  • Remember to put your card back in its protected place immediately

Can’t find your card? Don’t lose your head!

If you’ve lost your card, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is contact the provider who administered your vaccination. They will have a record for you and should be able to provide you with a new card. The city registry also keeps a record of all vaccinations. 

Protip: Take a picture of your card as soon as it’s issued. Save this picture on your phone for easy access should you ever be in a situation where you need proof of vaccination but don’t have your card. 

Yes, it’s still important to get tested

You’re fully vaccinated, but you were exposed to COVID. Now what? 

Even though all vaccines available in the US are proven to be effective, getting tested for COVID is still an important step to ensuring the safety of yourself and others. If you’ve been exposed to COVID or have reason to believe you’ve been exposed, get tested

All vybe locations provide COVID-19 tests for both walk-in and scheduled appointments. 

Your “Passport” to paradise, plane rides, or a plate of pasta 

State and business rules may vary, but your COVID card will likely serve as a “passport” to be able to travel quarantine-free, stay at romantic resorts, or simply fly home to see your folks. 

And who knows what comes next? Some college campuses are already requiring students and staff to be vaccinated, perhaps leading other schools to follow suit. 

Simply put, if you got the shot, protect the proof. You’ll reap the benefits of immunity, and possibly even more. 

vybe is offering COVID-19 vaccinations at multiple locations. Testing for COVID-19  is available at every vybe urgent care location.