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vybe Guide: The Power of Flowers at the Philly Flower Show

vybe Guide: The Power of Flowers at the Philly Flower Show

Excited for the annual Philadelphia Flower Show? With the theme of how flowers impact our lives, it’s only fitting to give flowers their day in the sun, so to speak, and break down their beautiful benefits when it comes to good health and well-being.

We all know that flowers are fragrant and lovely to look at, but their attributes that help us feel and do better make them even more fascinating. Celebrate “flower power” by discovering how nature’s gifts are far greater than you give them credit for. The next time you “stop and smell the roses” you’ll want to thank them too!

Add Flavor and Health to Every Helping

From herbs to tea leaves, plants and flowers can pack a punch in terms of taste while boosting the nutritional factor of your food without added sugars or fats. If you love a cup of chamomile tea, bring that delicate flavor to your favorite dishes and reap the rewards of less stress and an immunity boost. For example, instead of using plain water, prepare your oatmeal with chamomile tea. You can swap tea into your baking recipes too. The dried chamomile flowers add a subtle flavor that will elevate your meal in more ways than one. Seeking something savory? Try dill, if you will. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, dill adds a refreshing dose of flavor. Swirl into soups, sprinkle onto salads, or even mash into your potatoes. Mix and match to create new takes on classic dishes and let “flower power” tickle your taste buds.

Liven Up Your Living Space and Stimulate the Senses

It’s nothing new to decorate the home with flowers, but taking note of their peaceful presence will create a calming effect. From reducing anxiety to bringing on a better night’s sleep, flowers are not only attractive to have around but helpful and healing too. From the sight of a blossoming bouquet to the scent of a single sunflower, your senses will be soothed…and it all stems from flowers. “Flower power” may just be the sixth sense.

Here’s to a Healthy Relationship!

Once the “honeymoon phase” wears off, gone are the days of surprising your sweetie with a “just because” bouquet or a long-stemmed rose before a romantic evening out. Bring back that excitement, energy, and elegance by gifting your gal or guy with flowers like you did when you first got together. A healthy relationship makes both parties happier as the hearts grow fonder. You don’t have to go overboard, just remember to use “flower power” every now and then to reignite the romance.

Make Your Skin Stunning

When you purchase products for your skin like lotions or face wipes, peruse the ingredients and select with “flower power” in mind. One flower that does wonders for the skin is lavender, thought to increase cell renewal. This means everything from fine lines to serious scars can see a notable improvement. Are you prone to dry or dull skin? Seek out skin products containing orchid, which helps retain moisture. Forget about harsh chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Focus on flowers and get back that petal-soft skin you were born with.

Teachable Moments

Grow flowers and plants, even fruits and veggies on your windowsill or in your garden with your child. Not only will you watch as a simple seed becomes something spectacular, but you’ll teach your child about caring for living things, a healthy lifestyle, and all the fine things “flower power” possesses. A child’s mind is open to exploring the world around them, making teachable moments like these magical and memorable. As your flowers grow, so will your child’s appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Be sure to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show and see “flower power” that has been blooming since 1829.

If you recognize early on that you’re having an allergic response to any flower pollen, you may be able to avoid severe symptoms. vybe can help guide you toward the best allergy treatment, so you can stop those allergens in their tracks.