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With Save My Spot, Urgent Care Has Never been Easier


Some medical waiting rooms leave you feeling worse than when you arrived. Your health may already be less than ideal, but on top of that, people are coughing, phones are ringing, and sometimes the clock on the wall can seem like it’s crawling.

At vybe urgent care, our waiting rooms are clean and our staff is friendly and efficient; but we know that the comfort of your own home is simply unbeatable. So allow us to introduce a feature designed to cut down the time you spend in the waiting room: Save My Spot. With Save My Spot, you’re able to check-in online, and hold your spot in line until your arrival time.


More Details? No problem.

Let’s take a look.

No matter which vybe location you’re planning to visit, you can see our estimated wait time from your phone or device. This may help you decide the best time to come in.


Drop Your Name

The Save My Spot feature goes beyond estimated wait time — it gives you the chance to put your name on our waiting list in advance. Once you drop your name, we’ll send you updates about your spot in line. Now it’s easy to plan a quick trip to urgent care around your busy schedule.

Although this may seem like you’re making an appointment, it’s important to understand that this feature is a bit more flexible than that. Allow us to explain.


You’re On The List

At vybe urgent care, we’re dedicated to providing convenient, affordable, and quality health care to our patients. When you use our Save My Spot feature, you’ll be adding your name to our queue of patients, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you.

Flexibility is key! Unlike an appointment, our waitlist is based on an estimated time. Your actual wait time may vary based on the number of patients and the type of care they need. When you arrive, our front desk should be able to tell you if the queue is moving faster or slower. Just remember to bring a valid I.D., insurance card, and form of payment!

No matter when you decide to drop by your local vybe urgent care, we’ll do our best to see you promptly.


vybe urgent care handles injuries, illnesses, x-rays and testing, including STI and pregnancy. We welcome walk-ins and accept most insurances, so stop by your local vybe and be seen today.