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The Five “Rs” of Red Wine


Consider these five “Rs” a great way to give red wine the respect it’s due. That said, perhaps “respect” ought to be its sixth “R!” Read on and realize why you should be pouring yourself a glass and saying “Cheers!” to good health and happiness. Remember: as much as red wine deserves its rewards, drinking responsibly is always important. “Responsibly?” Looks like we might have a seventh “R” to tack on…


1.  Resveratrol

While not something wine lovers may normally discuss over dinner and drinks, this phytoalexin (a natural chemical compound and protective antibiotic produced by plants) is found in the skin of grapes. Grape skin stays intact longer during red wine production than it does for white wine making, therefore allowing more of the resveratrol to seep in during fermentation.

Some research has shown resveratrol to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. While there’s no guarantee your bottle is “the fountain of youth” or will cure your conditions, as long as your doctor gives the go-ahead, there’s no harm in testing out the theory over a toast!



2.  Relationships

Whether you stay in and keep it low key or plan a date at a local wine bar, catching up is often more enjoyable over a glass of wine. Of course, this doesn’t mean getting inebriated in order to open up. Instead, it’s about finding the time to engage in conversation and to share an experience that will bring you closer.

Spending time over a bottle of red wine is a great way to keep a friendship going strong or to restore the excitement to a relationship that has started to fizzle. If red wine isn’t your thing, you can still create time in your busy day, like meeting for coffee. It’s a low-key way to connect and do something special.


3.  Relaxation

Plenty of people come home after a long day at work and grab a beer to kick back and unwind. Not to say beer is a bad choice, but for a change of routine and the calm everyone deserves after a stressful day, red wine is a clear winner. You’ll actually find yourself slowing down, sipping more sensibly, and appreciating the elegance of the drink. So next time, why not try a soothing glass of red wine?


4.  Road Trips…

…and travel in general. If you live in a region known for wine, make a weekend of driving to wine country, stopping into tasting rooms and vineyards, and learning all there is to love about red wine. A short getaway with wine as the focal point will give you a mission as well as a meaning to your trip.

Small sips at every stop means you won’t overdo it, yet you’ll have the opportunity to try wines you never would have otherwise. And if you have the time and money to travel further, book a flight to a well-known wine region somewhere on the other side of the world. Immerse yourself in the culture, make new friends you’ll make, and appreciate the local wine experience.


5.  Restaurants

Nothing goes better with red wine than fantastic food. The next time you dine out, ask your server to recommend a red that would pair perfectly with your meal. Don’t get caught up in those old-fashioned “rules” like you must drink white wine with fish or vegetarian and lighter meals.

There’s a right red for any dish, and a professional wine person will lead you in the most delicious direction. Whether you order a glass for yourself or share a bottle with your dining companions, when you swirl, sniff, and sip that perfect glass of a restaurant-quality red wine, you’ll know your meal will be one to remember.

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