Household Accidents

Most injuries happen at home. We can help.


Home. It’s where you spend your time, growing up, building a safe space for your children, and making memories for years to come. But sometimes an unintentional household injury can happen when you least expect it, so it’s important to know how to deal with injuries in the home, and know when to see a medical professional for help.

Slips, trips, and minor falls

The best way to avoid tripping or slipping in the home is to keep the floor free of clutter.

  • From toys to shoes to cords, make sure to keep obstacles off your path, and remember not to leave clutter on or near your staircase.
  • To prevent slipping in the shower or bath, keep a bath mat in the tub and an additional towel or mat on your bathroom floor. If you do fall, and you feel dizzy, nauseous, or faint, you should be seen by a trained medical professional immediately.

Burns, cuts, and bruises

The goal is to avoid burns.  However, if your child or you experience a burn, run the affected area under cool water for up to 20 minutes.  If the pain persists, consult a medical professional immediately.

  • When cooking, keep your pots and pans on the back burner of the stove with the handles facing inward, to alleviate the chance of bumping into hot cookware and unintentionally burning yourself.
  • Always keep the covers on radiators, and make sure that matches are never anywhere near children.
  • Make sure to always turn off an iron or a hair tool like a curling iron or flat iron when you leave the home, and make sure they’re never within a child’s reach

Glass related injuries & falling objects

Kids love to climb.  If there are small children in the house, make sure you’ve secured any furniture they could pull down or might fall on them.   If you’re changing a light bulb or grabbing a glass off a shelf that’s too high, make sure to use a proper step stool (or find someone really tall), so you don’t fall or have something unintentionally fall on you.

Choking hazards

If your child ingests a foreign object and is choking, call 911 immediately.

While many household injuries are preventable, we realize they can still happen. If you’ve been injured at home and think you need to be evaluated by a medical professional, stop by your local vybe urgent care and be seen today.

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