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Dear Dr. vybe: My Friend Got Run Over by a Wheelie Kid. Are the Injuries Serious?


Dear Dr. vybe,

As lifelong Philadelphians, my best friend and I have always prided ourselves on being pretty savvy at navigating our way around town. We’re now both students at the University of the Arts, and we jump from one side of Broad Street to the other daily without any issues. But the other day, she was coming back to our dorm from a show at the Academy of Music when she collided with a Wheelie Kid in the middle of the road!

As most of us know, this group of young bikers patrols the main streets of the city—and I’m not one to complain about Philly traditions. But when you have the right-of-way in the crosswalk and you’re listening to music, you might not notice the tidal wave of bikes about to crash down on you. I’ve been able to dodge them in the past, but my friend wasn’t so lucky this time around and went tumbling to the ground.

She feels a little silly going to urgent care over getting hit by a kid on a bike, and we don’t have much free time between classes these days. So on behalf of my friend and for my own future reference, do you think it’s worth getting checked, or is it better to rest up and wait it out?

Tortured Artist by Proxy


Dear Tortured Artist by Proxy,

No matter how long you’ve lived in a city, accidents are always going to happen. That’s why we have locations all throughout Philly—and our Center City location is in the perfect spot for you and your friend. Not taking advantage of your care options could lead to worse injuries over time, and she shouldn’t feel embarrassed that a Wheelie Kid was involved. Whether a car or a bike, any injuries could be equally as serious.

Although rest will probably help any incidental aches and pains, if she has any lasting pain and swelling, there could be a break underneath. We offer X-rays and a quick checkup, which can also determine if any of her scratches or cuts need stitches.

For sickness or injury, it’s best to visit your local vybe to get checked out, and the good news is that you can reserve your place in line before you even leave your classroom! We understand that students have busy lives, and that’s why we want you to feel better as quickly as possible. So, check-in on our website now and take your time crossing Broad Street on your way over.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Road