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5 Reasons Allergies Are The Absolute Worst


Finally spring is in full swing! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, but if you’re an allergy-sufferer, the transition between winter and summer can be anything but beautiful. This time of year, you’re constantly inhaling pollen, causing you to be miserable 24/7 for three months straight.

But hey, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Seasonal allergies are super common and everyone who has them agrees — allergies suck. But as your local urgent care, vybe is here to drop a little advice (and a lot of sarcasm to lighten the mood) this allergy season.



Who hates your sneezing fits even more than you do? Everyone around you. If you have allergies, you’re that person. You know, the one who sneezes so many times in a row that by the third “achoo” no one is sure if they should still be saying “bless you”…or not.

Just make sure you cover your nose and mouth with your elbow when you sneeze — it’s an important practice! Preventing the spread of germs is the least you can do for your coworkers and roommates.


All clogged up with nowhere to go

 Who doesn’t just looovvvve being all clogged up for a couple of months? That whole post-nasal drip situation is just fabulous, isn’t it? Okay, obviously we’re joking — it’s a total drag.

The worst part is when you’re trying to blow your nose and nothing comes out; you’re just trapped with a head full of mucus and no relief in sight. vybe’s expert tip? Try using a humidifier at night to loosen that up a bit, and try stopping at your local grocery store for some over-the-counter allergy meds as your first line of defense.

If nothing is helping and things are particularly uncomfy, stop into your local vybe and we’ll take a look at your allergy symptoms.


Coughing up a lung (or two)

That persistent tickle in your throat makes breathing and talking difficult (and it’s hard to avoid doing either). Are you constantly trying to avoid coughing in people’s faces, or chugging water in the hopes that it just goes away, but it just never does? We know that feeling. Allergies strike again!

Whip yourself up some calming tea with honey, which tends to soothe the throat, and see if things improve. If your coughing is persistent, stop by and we can give you some advice. Sometimes a pesky cough can turn into something a little more serious if left untreated.

In the meantime—just like with your out-of-control sneeze attacks—be a good neighbor and cover your mouth! Just because you’re suffering doesn’t mean other people need to breathe in your bacteria. Yuck!


I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye!

Watery eyes are a common symptom for those who are allergy-prone. If your coworkers ask why you’re upset, just let them know that it’s allergies, not tears; unless you’re so frustrated that you’re actually crying…we won’t judge.

If your itchy eyes start looking a little less like allergies and a lot more like pink eye, come see us! We’ll have you feeling better in no time!


Is it time for bed yet?

If you’re nearly falling asleep at your desk, your boss might just think you’re lazy, but allergies can really take everything out of you.

What’s the best way to combat the drowsiness? Healthy eating and taking the right meds make a world of difference—and can help you catch a full 8 hours of sleep—so your body has a better fighting chance against symptoms during the day (and so you can keep your job)! It can be hard to get a good night sleep with all that nasal congestion, and even if you do, there’s a good chance you’ll still wake up feeling drained. If you’re looking for what meds would work for you, pay us a visit.

To all of the allergy-sufferers out there, we’re sorry that you can’t get excited about cherry blossoms or the smell of freshly-cut grass. Remember — vybe urgent care is always here if you need medical assistance or health advice!