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4 Common Stressors That Could Be Affecting Your Health

Stress is a word that we hear pretty often — why? Everyone deals with it! Life can get tough sometimes, and being a human can be, well…stressful. April is Stress Awareness Month, so what better time to talk about something so important to our everyday lives?

At vybe, we know the importance of a clear mind for your wellness. The first step to tackling the extra weight on your shoulders is to identify it. Stress can come from plenty of places throughout the day.

1. Working for the weekend

Let’s be honest, work can be a lot more than clocking in and clocking out. Whether you’re working in an office or running around a restaurant on your feet all day, there are plenty of stressors that can get in the way of a peaceful and productive day.

Incorporating physical activity into your workday can help alleviate stress and can help you be more productive—even a short walk at lunch can do wonders for your mood! Finding ways to destress after a long day can help you live a healthier and happier life! How about a little stress-relieving exercise this Spring?

 2. Weighed down by books

Being young doesn’t mean that life is always easy—no matter what your elders tell you! Students can feel a lot of pressure to juggle school work and part-time jobs on top of an active social life. That alone is a lot to handle, but the pressure to succeed and fit in is another burden to bear.

School stress may be unavoidable when finals hit, but a little self-care can go a long way. Our advice? Cut yourself some slack—give yourself permission to sit back and enjoy things that bring you joy. Relaxing and recharging is crucial to your mental and physical health when you’ve got a lot on your plate.

If you’re feeling run down, or if your immune system has taken a hit, visit your local vybe—we’re here to help you feel better, seven days a week.

Grinding teeth and losing sleep

Sometimes it can be hard to identify when your body needs a break: aching muscles, tense shoulders, and even a clenched jaw can be signs of untreated stress. When your mind isn’t feeling right, your body tends to mirror accordingly.

Pulled muscles and headaches are no-fun; a little stretching and meditating can go a long way! Releasing the built-up tension can make you feel a lot lighter (literally). If you’re experiencing ongoing muscle pain, get it checked out at any of our vybe locations!

Stress that follows you home

Whether it be bothersome roommates, broken appliances, or sick kids—home life isn’t always peachy. No one has control over every aspect of their lives, but when situations go awry inside your own four walls it can be especially frustrating.

Our advice for tackling home stress? Take a breather and focus on the positives. If things aren’t going so well at home, remember that everyone is human and nothing changes overnight: prioritize the issues and make time to do one thing at a time.

Giving into stressors can cause all that tension that we talked about earlier—ouch. Another great way to maintain a healthy mindset at home is to eat right. Even small dietary changes can help improve your mood and increase your energy. Don’t feel like cooking? We have some local spots for you to try.

Let’s face it: stress follows us everywhere. As healthcare providers, we know that too much stress can affect your physical health and overall well-being. Need a little help getting back to your healthiest self? Stop by any of our locations to be seen for a variety of different medical needs. You’ll feel better as soon as you walk in!