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Dear Dr. vybe: “Is My Boyfriend’s Cooking Killing Me?”


Dear Dr. vybe,


I consider myself a very supportive girlfriend. My boyfriend picks up hobbies here and there that I sincerely support, from fantasy football (a little questionable) to throwing axes at Bury the Hatchet every weekend on Washington Avenue (a little dangerous). No matter what, I’m his biggest cheerleader.

But the one that’s recently been stirring the pot (literally) is his new interest in cooking. It’s not even the fact that he’s now spending half of his paycheck every other week at the Oregon Avenue Acme. That’s his choice. Fine. What’s really killing me is the fact that, frankly, he sucks at cooking. Overcooked steak. Undercooked chicken. I haven’t had a decent meal in weeks. And to top it all off, I think I might have food poisoning now.

That’s why I’m here. How do I know if it’s the actual food that’s causing my nausea or if it’s just the thought of another one of his horrible dinners making my stomach turn?


A Nauseated Cheerleader



Dear Nauseated Cheerleader,


Nausea alone is unlikely to be a symptom of food poisoning. But if you’re adding frequent vomiting and diarrhea to the mix, then that may point to a possibility of food poisoning. Do you know if you boyfriend has been washing his hands before and after cooking? Better start to keep an eye on him! Cross contamination is a common cause of food poisoning that can be prevented with cleanliness, careful preparation, and the use of multiple utensils.

There are certain foods that harbor bacteria more than others. These include raw eggs (is your boyfriend feeding you too much raw cookie dough?), unpasteurized milk and juice, fresh produce, soft cheeses, and raw or undercooked meat or seafood. Consuming some of these when not prepared safely can sometimes cause serious illnesses, particularly food poisoning from E. coli bacteria. So, when your boyfriend is grilling chicken and cheeseburgers, or you think the milk in the fridge is getting a little funky, make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Basically, make sure anything that touches raw food gets washed before using for any other uncooked food you are preparing.

Digestion is not an easy feat, and everyone’s works a little differently! Food poisoning is usually sparked by a stomach bug that requires an incubation period before you show any symptoms. The most common stomach bugs from food-related bacteria like Campylobacter and E. coli, can start to show symptoms in as soon as 6 hours, though it usually takes 18-24 hours to kick in.

But it’s a good idea to get checked if you feel nauseous and are experiencing both vomiting and diarrhea, especially after a meal you did not prepare yourself. If you’re experiencing other symptoms from food poisoning (look out for stomach cramps, diarrhea, bloating, and weakness), it doesn’t hurt to get it checked out.

Stop by your local vybe urgent care on South Broad Street and we’ll assess the situation!


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