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The 12 Ailments of Christmas

The holidays should be the “most wonderful time of the year”, which makes it especially challenging when someone gets injured during the festivities. With all the holiday hullabaloo, it can be all too easy to roll your ankle on a tube of wrapping paper or throw your back out trying to reach for those ornaments in the attic.

vybe urgent care is here to help you fix those holiday ailments, and we’re also here to help prevent you from falling victim to some of the most common holiday injuries! We like to call them the 12 Ailments of Christmas

~ To the tune of “The 12 Days on Christmas” ~


12 Reachers Reaching

Everyone’s favorite decoration can also be the one that can put you in the most danger. That’s right…reaching to put that Christmas star on top of your tree might just land you flat on your back with a nasty injury.


11 Papers Cutting

Have you ever tried to wrap a gift so fast that you just…get, well, all wrapped up!? Don’t be shy, paper cuts are more common than you’d think. They may seem insignificant, but infections can occur with any open wound. You know where to find us, should things get serious!


10 Yule Log Burns

Burning a yule log is fun and festive. Getting burnt by a yule log? Not so much. While that yuletide fire may be enticing, we suggest enjoying it from a safe distance. There are nearly 3 million burn cases per year in the United States—don’t be one of them!


9 Doves Are Fighting

Doves may be a symbol of peace, but sometimes they quarrel. While you’re trying to enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas, don’t get in between two turtle doves! You’ll thank us later.


8 Tape Dispensers

That pesky metal saw on your tape dispenser always knows how to get you when you least expect it. All you needed was one last piece of tape to finish the perfect wrap job, and next thing you know you’re scrambling to find the band-aids. If a band-aid just won’t cut it, we’re here to take a look at it for you!


7 Hammys Pulling

He’s limber and quick, but even Santa can pull a hamstring without the proper warm-up routine! Hurdling onto that sleigh requires practice and agility. Don’t try it at home!


6 Sugar Plums

Having visions of sugarplum fairies and sugary treats? We recommend that you take hold of your sweet tooth this holiday season. Too much sugar can lead to serious health issues down the road, and will most likely leave you feeling drained once the sugar high wears off.


5 Lights Too Bright

Christmas lights are pretty, but you’ll be seeing stars if you don’t give your eyes a break from admiring them every once and awhile. Keeping your eyes safe from retinal burns is important, and worth taking precaution for!


4 Plates of Food

Holiday roasts and homemade pies are hard to resist. Plus, your New Year’s resolution hasn’t kicked in yet. But, don’t be too greedy or you might end up face down in a food coma on Christmas morning. If you’re still in pain after a few days, give us a call. Food-borne illnesses are more common than you’d think!


3 Skating Falls

Everyone loves the seasonal tradition of ice skating with the kids, or even with your special someone. But, you may be skating on thin ice with this one. Unless you’re a pro, it’s easy to twist an ankle or even bust a knee on the rink. Our urgent cares are conveniently located all around the city — no matter where you’re skating, we’re nearby to fix you up.


2 Biting Swans

Swans may seem beautiful and delicate. But if you run into seven swans while you’re on a winter stroll, you’re outnumbered — and those beaks mean business. Ouch!


And a Santa Claus with a Burnt Butt

Everyone knows that Santa comes down the chimney with care, but did you remember to put out the fire place?! Every year, the big guy gets scorched by a log or two. We should know; he visits vybe urgent care to get himself back on his route in a jiffy.

Holidays are meant to be joyous and relaxing, but sometimes life can get in the way. Whether it’s a simple home injury, or a holiday excursion gone-wrong, our team at vybe urgent care is here to keep you happy and healthy during the holiday season.

There’s no appointment needed, so stop by any of our locations, and we’ll have you feeling better before you can say Ho-Ho-Ho!