Rashes & Skin Disorders

Red, itchy, painful skin?
Sounds like a rash.


Sure, you can scratch that itch or just hope it goes away. However, only when you find the cause of the rash can you start on the path to feeling better. Here are a few things that may be bothering you:


Rashes can be caused by anything from allergies to eczema. Symptoms can include but aren’t limited to redness, itching and small bumps or hives that appear on the skin.

Poison Ivy

If you’ve come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac recently, wash your skin within 1-2 hours with lots of soap and warm water. If you develop symptoms of redness, itching, swelling, or blisters, then talk to a medical professional about treatment.


If you’ve had chickenpox as a kid, the virus may still be inside you, putting you at risk for developing shingles.  Shingles are just your chickenpox virus coming back out when you’re an adult. It usually returns in one area of the body because it’s supplied by the one nerve where the virus has been hiding for years.

The risk of getting shingles is greater if you’re age 50 or older, though they’re possible to get at any age. Symptoms of shingles include burning pain, rash, tingling, itching, and generalized symptoms of fatigue and headache.

Lyme Disease

If you’ve come in contact with a black-legged or deer tick and weren’t able to remove it within 36 hours, you should talk to a medical professional about Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment. Early symptoms of Lyme Disease include rash, fever, chills, headaches, neck stiffness muscle pain, joint pain, and swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms of advanced Lyme Disease include drooping of the face, arthritis and heart arrhythmia


Cellulitis is a local skin infection that occurs when bacteria get under the skin.  It’s different from an abscess because it does not include a collection of pus.  Symptoms include redness, warmth, pain, and occasionally mild swelling.

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