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Gear Up for Summer Fun with Camp and Sports Physicals

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School’s out. Sun’s out. Kids everywhere are eager for summer activities. Whether you’re preparing yours to play sports, packing them off for weeks away at an overnight stay-away camp, or packing their tote bags for day camp, you’ll want to find the time for a sports or summer camp physical.

Summer camp and sports are all about good times, good friends, and good fun, but your kids can’t enjoy them unless they’re in good health. In fact, many summer camps, after-school programs, and sports teams require a physical for your child to participate.

Check out why a physical check-up is a summer essential for kids, then learn what to expect and how to prepare your kids for summer fun.

A Summer Must-Have: Camp and Sports Physicals

Sunscreen? Check!
Bug spray? Check!
Water bottle? Check!
A sports and summer camp physical?

Don’t wait to check this summer-prep step off your list when getting ready for summer fun. Camp and sports physicals are routine health screenings that may be the most important way to prepare for many reasons.

  • They ensure your child is in good physical health and able to participate in summer camp physical activities safely.
  • They help identify any pre-existing medical conditions that may put your child at risk during summer camp physical activities.
  • Finally, a medical provider can provide helpful tips and tricks to reduce the risk of health problems and injuries so your child can have a summer full of happy memories.

The goal of a sport and camp physical is to get a complete picture of your child’s health so that nothing interferes with your child’s summer. For example, if your child suffers from asthma or allergies, you may need to pack an inhaler or prescriptions—along with authorization on a sports or summer camp physical form—as a precaution so your child can safely take part in physical activities.

Back to your summer checklist…Ready to check off the task of finding a sports and summer camp physical near you? Check out your local vybe urgent care.

What to Expect From a Camp and Sports Physical

A care package shows how much you care about your child’s happiness and well-being while they’re away having fun. Sports and summer camp physicals are essentially the same thing! It’s a loving gesture that helps make summer activities more enjoyable and safer for your child. Just walk into your local vybe urgent care for a sports and summer camp physical that includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your child’s medical and family history.
  • Review of any medications, vitamins, or supplements your child is taking.
  • Examination of your child’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, breathing, and temperature.
  • Test of your child’s vision.
  • Check of your child’s joints, flexibility, and strength.
  • Discussion of any pre-existing conditions, along with tips and tools to help manage and treat the condition.

After the exam, your vybe clinician will sign the mandatory sports or summer camp physical form to show that your child is able to participate in physical activities. If your child has any medical issues or needs specific treatment for a medical condition, these will clearly be noted on your child’s sports or summer camp physical form. In the event that your child does not pass the physical, your clinician will work with you to make sure they get the care they need.


What to Pack for Your Child’s Physical Exam

You want your kids to have everything they need to safely enjoy summer activities. It helps to come prepared with the following items for your child’s sports and summer camp physical:

  • Bring all required medical forms provided by your child’s summer activity organization, including the sports and summer camp physical form for your vybe physician to sign.
  • Have any relevant medical records.
  • Bring a list of your child’s current medications, vitamins, supplements, allergies, and any other medical issues.
  • Carry documentation of your child’s vaccinations (if required for the physical)

Summer is Coming! Where to Find Camp and Sports Physicals

Are you wondering, “Who offers a sports and summer camp physical near me?” Luckily, finding a sports and summer camp physical near you doesn’t need to be an adventure. Your local vybe urgent care makes it as easy-breezy as summer itself to prepare your child for summer fun with the camp and sports physicals they need. You can simply walk-in or make an appointment online.

With vybe available for camp and sports physicals, along with all your urgent care needs, you and your family will be happy campers this summer and all year long.