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Old Wives’ Tales vs. Science: A Cold & Flu Comparison


Although the times are changing and our knowledge of human health is expanding, it seems many of us are still making healthcare decisions with the voices of our grandmothers’ yelling “rub some dirt in it!” ringing in our ears.

We love you, grandma, but here’s the real truth behind that good old-fashioned “wisdom” you heard as a kid.


Wet hair WON’T make you catch a cold.

It goes against everything our grandmothers told us, we know. But colds are caused by a virus, not feeling cold. Not even going out in the cold weather when your hair hasn’t fully dried. We’re not recommending it — you don’t want to get hypothermia, after all. But you’re not putting yourself in any more danger of catching a cold or the flu if your head’s still wet.


Feed a cold AND feed a fever!

Just feed, basically. Feed your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and help fight off any virus or infection. Of course, keep hydrated as well. And sure, avoid spicy foods. But otherwise, keep yourself and your sick loved ones as well-fed as you can. Chicken soup is a fine choice, but so is almost anything else your grandmother would’ve recognized as healthy food.


You CAN’T catch the flu from the flu shot!

 Flu shots are made from dead viruses. You just can’t get sick from a dead virus. It is possible to develop side effects from a shot such as soreness, swelling, or even a low-grade fever. The unlucky folks who suffer those symptoms are having reactions to the shot itself, but they don’t have the flu.

So stop into your local vybe urgent care center and get a flu shot. It won’t make you sicker! You’ll be seen urgently and treated kindly. We’ll try to be as kind as your grandmother, just with more up-to-date science informing our medicine.