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5 Flu Facts That Might Spook You this Halloween

Ghosts are spooky. Ghouls are scary. And Gritty is creepy for sure. But what’s the most menacing of all this hallow’s season? Germs!

As the air turns crisper and the sun begins to dwindle all too early, it’s time to think about protecting yourself and your loved ones from the frightening flu virus. vybe urgent care is here to help you alleviate some of those fears and help you get through the fall and winter with a healthy vybe.

The flu shot is the best way to prevent that pesky virus , so get a flu shot at any vybe location. And if that’s not enough to convince you, these spooky flu facts may help you change your mind.

It’s more contagious than you think.

Everyone knows that the flu spreads fast. But did you know that people carrying the virus can be contagious before their symptoms even appear? This spooky fact makes it hard to know who can get you sick! Getting the vaccination helps your chances of dodging the virus, no matter who you come in contact with.

If you’ve got germs… they’re already multiplying.

Germs are always moving, growing, and spreading. One single cold virus can have 16 million germ offspring within the course of a day! Here’s how you can slow it down: Wash your hands regularly, clean surfaces that may be carrying germs (doorknobs, counters, etc.), and give your body the nutrients and sleep that it needs to fight off germs.

You’ll need at least six feet of separation.

Boo! Or should we say achoo? If there’s one hard and fast rule for keeping germs at bay, it’s “cover your mouth.” This shields the germs from hitting innocent bystanders and floating into the abyss. It may spook you to know that a single sneeze can carry germs up to six feet away from the source. Germs are flying faster than you can say “Trick or Treat!

Good things take time.

By now, you know the flu shot is the most efficient way to defend yourself from catching the virus this season. But once you receive your vaccination, it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to provide the protection that your body needs to combat the virus.

What does this mean? It’s best to get vaccinated before flu season really ramps up! We recommend that patients get vaccinated before the end of October, but the earlier the better. There’s still time!

Are you afraid of the shot?

Sometimes getting a shot can be scary. We know that it’s not easy for everyone. But, it’s important to protect you and your family from getting sick this winter. If you’ve never received a flu shot, you’re not alone…

Only about 39% of people over the age of 18 received a flu shot last year. Yikes! Now that’s the scariest fact of all. Less flu shots means more people spreading their germs at school, work, and even at home.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a flu shot, now’s the best time to do it. You can stop by any vybe urgent care to receive yours any day of the week! Our locations accept cash, credit, and debit. We also welcome most insurance providers. Our team is ready to get you in-and-out and on your way, and we’re more than happy to answer all of your questions about the vaccine or any other medical concerns you may have.