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vybe video visits are here.

Understanding video visits

vybe offers video visits (also known as telemedicine) for the safety and convenience of all patients seeking treatment while in Pennsylvania. When utilizing vybe urgent care virtual visits, you can choose to speak to us using your computer, tablet or mobile phonebut be sure you’re in a quiet, private place with a good internet connection.

What are common reasons for video visits?

Video visits are a great option during times when you’re feeling too sick to leave your house.  They’re also perfect for anyone with transportation or mobility issues. With recent social distancing guidelines, virtual doctor visits are a safe way to gain peace of mind and to begin an ongoing dialogue with a medical professional.

What information does vybe require for video visits?

Think of your online urgent care visit the same as you would a visit in person—we need all the same information to ensure we provide the best video assessment and diagnosis from your virtual doctor visit.

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance
  • Form of payment
  • List of any allergies
  • List of current medications
  • List of any current medical conditions or past surgeries

Are video visits covered by insurance?

If your current insurance covers a visit to vybe, this insurance will also cover vybe’s telemedicine services.  Please remember that some plans allow urgent care visits with a co-pay.  Other plans cover the visit, but it counts toward your deductible and co-pay.  This means that you may still have out of pocket expenses for a “covered” visit.  For a full list of payment options, including self-pay telemedicine pricing, click here.

How will my video visit work?

Here are a few of the steps, so you know what to expect.

  • Save your spot for your virtual doctor visit
  • Click the link in the confirmation text/email to start your vybe urgent care virtual visit
  • Complete registration via video (includes insurance verification and payment)
  • Stay in our virtual waiting room until your online video call with a doctor begins
  • Receive your check-out instructions at the end of the visit.

I’m ready to start a visit now

If you’re ready to start a telemedicine visit, the first step is to register online here.


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