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Imagine: you’re not feeling well and visit your local vybe urgent care for a check-up. You talk to the clinician and your symptoms require a prescription to help you feel better. You start imagining that feeling of relief as you realize your pharmacy is about to close. Do you really need to wait until the next day to get your medicine and start feeling better?

With today’s busy schedules, no one wants extra stops or extra travel time. That’s why vybe now fills most frequently prescribed medicines. Walk out with everything you need to feel better, faster.

Ask a vybe clinician for details during your next visit.
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Why we may not offer a prescription during a visit
Sometimes, patients who visit may already have an idea what’s wrong with them and what they need to cure it. We provide our best diagnosis based on the symptoms and other information you present during your visit. It may not be medically appropriate to prescribe medication simply because a patient requests it. However, if you’re not feeling better or your condition worsens, we should hear from you or see you again. If you have questions or concerns, our team is always here to help.

Why we might not prescribe antibiotics
Antibiotics should only be prescribed for infections caused by bacteria. They provide no benefit against the common cold, flu, brochitis, sinusitis, or any other viral infection. Taking antibiotics when unnecessary wipes out benefiticial bacteria that help your immune system. When given to children, they’re linked to adult obesity and adult onset diabetes. They also promote development of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, so they won’t be effective when you’re really in need.

At vybe urgent care, our goal is to keep you – and those around you – healthy for the long haul, and proper use of antibiotics is key. At least one in three antibiotic prescriptions in the United States is unnecessary. That’s 47 million excess precsriptions every year that don’t help patients get better!