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Patient Perspective: How a Surprising Blood Pressure Check Scared Me Skinny

By vybe patient Tyrone B., an unpaid contributor   I had always considered myself to be somewhat [...]

It’s National Condom Week: Get It Right Before Getting It On

  Kicking off seven days of safe sex, how fitting is it that Valentine’s Day marks the first day of National [...]

4 Safety Innovations Rolling into the Philly Auto Show

  The streets of Philadelphia are bustling with cars every day, but there are a few more cars rolling into the [...]

The vybe Guide to Celebrating Chinese New Year 2019 in Philadelphia

  If you’ve fallen behind on your New Year’s resolutions since January 1, you’re in luck: Chinese New [...]

Secrets to a Super Safe and Healthy Super Bowl Party

  Super Bowl LIII is just around the corner, and although the Philadelphia Eagles won’t be back to reclaim [...]

Old Wives’ Tales vs. Science: A Cold & Flu Comparison

  Although the times are changing and our knowledge of human health is expanding, it seems many of us are still [...]