Allergic Reactions

Many of us have allergies to food, insects, and other triggers that create sudden and sometimes dangerous symptoms [...]

Food Poisoning

Understanding food poisoning We’ve all been there. That moment when you start feeling a little dizzy or nauseous, [...]

Sexually transmitted infections & diseases (STIs & STDs)

Understanding an STD It might feel awkward to talk about, but don’t be ashamed—your sexual health is an important [...]


Understanding hypertension Maybe you have a family history. Maybe you’ve been really stressed recently. Or maybe you [...]

Acute Illness



Understanding the flu Even when you take all the precautions, when the flu hits, it hits hard. If you develop sudden [...]

Sinus Pain & Congestion (Sinusitis)

Understanding sinusitis Most of the time it’s a cold, sometimes it’s the flu or allergies. Other times, it’s [...]

Cough, Cold, & Flu

Understanding your cough When you have a cough, it can disrupt the best parts of your day, and worse, it can disrupt [...]


Understanding a fever You know the number. It’s 98.6 degrees. Growing up, you thought of it as the perfect body [...]


Understanding allergies Many of us experience allergies every day, while others aren’t the least bit affected by [...]