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Livin’ la vida vybe: The Purpose and Culture of vybe urgent care

Here on the vybe urgent care blog, we focus on the #healthyvybes we encourage our patients to incorporate into their [...]

vybe Has You Covered for Your Healthcare Needs Throughout the Year!

It’s a new year, and what matters most is making sure you’re healthy enough to enjoy everything it has to offer. [...]

Winter Weather Wellness Woes: What to Do About Them

Fall has rushed to an end and winter is already bursting through the doors and making itself comfortable with its [...]

New vybe in Town: South Philly

If you’re in search of an affordable and efficient way to receive medical attention, vybe is the place for you. [...]

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

When an unexpected illness or accident occurs, sometimes the first instinct is to go to the emergency room. However, [...]

Snow Storm in March? Snow Way! Stay Safe While Shoveling

There are different reactions to the forecasted upcoming snow. Most school children (and teachers) are doing a happy [...]

Surviving Flu Season

We’re in the thick of flu season now and it’s definitely making people sick. Here are some ways to get through it [...]

Slip or Fall Accident?

Slip or Fall Accident? Urgent Care Provides Great After-Hours Care When the temperature dips and the snow starts to [...]

Vybe Urgent Care Provides Heart Health Screenings in February

February is the month when heart health is the focus. It’s easy to remember, with all the Valentine’s Day [...]

Quick, Convenient, Affordable: 3 Reasons to Use Urgent Care

When you’re not feeling well, even though you know that you need help, you sometimes still don’t want to hassle [...]