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Archive for the ‘Ask Dr. vybe’ Category

Dear Dr. vybe: “Are These South Philly Strays a Danger to My Child?”

  Dear Dr. vybe,   My neighborhood is sort of known for stray cats, much to my son’s excitement — he [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “My Dirty Child Now Has a Spider Bite!”

  Dear Dr. vybe,    I’m embarrassed to even admit why I’m writing, but I’ll just get right to the [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “Passed Out on the Schuylkill River Trail: Heat Exhaustion or Something Wrong?”

  Dear Dr. vybe, Let me start by saying that I run Broad Street every year and running is basically my whole life. [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “I Busted My Groin at a South Philly Street Fest. What Now?”

  Dear Dr. vybe, This past May, I hit a new low. Literally. You don’t know shame until you’re 27-feet up a [...]