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National Chicken Wing Day Is July 29th: Bring On The Wing!

National Chicken Wing Day Is July 29th: Bring On The Wing!

There seems to be a “holiday” for just about anything, and celebrating food is always fun. That’s why National Chicken Wing day is such a winner. It’s all about giving props to poultry, and for those who love slinging wings, the praise is nothing short of perfection.

Vegetarians may not choose to partake, but there are meat substitutes that can fill in for the fowl. While National Chicken Wing Day is rather specific, there’s always room for inclusion, especially for those who have a fondness for flavor, some serious spices, and lots of sticky sauce.

The annual festivity has been around since 1977, proclaimed by the Mayor of Buffalo, NY, Stan Makowski. Buffalo is the “birthplace” of wings, although people from all around the world have been enjoying Buffalo wings in their neck of the woods for quite a while.

From corner cafés to wing eating contests, chicken wings are everywhere, and they’re in abundance. More than a billion wings are consumed on Super Bowl weekend, a clear sign that this is one of America’s favorite foods.

Need a reason to observe National Chicken Wing Day? Fasten your bib and grab a bucket, and read on for some inspiration.

A Nation Divided Can Dig In Harmoniously

Politics always seems to find its way to the dinner table. Whether you’re left or right-wing, a tasty meal is something we can all agree on. Not to mention, with chicken in your mouth, it’s difficult to debate.

Family arguments can cause tension and stress. Bring the sides together over something tasty by keeping the peace, piece by piece. The only thing to argue about how hot is too hot.

Part ways with politics and experiment as you eat. Season your wings with a variety of herbs and spices, not only for variety but for your health. Spices like turmeric and garlic have healthful properties to give your body a boost. It’s far more fun to chat about wings than the White House anyway.

At-Home Health

As we’re still dealing with the COVID reality, heading to restaurants isn’t what it used to be. You may not get to dine out, so wing it, and make your chicken wings at home. Not only is cooking a nice way to pass the time and learn new techniques, but you have control over what’s going into your food.

If you didn’t know, most wings are loaded with butter. It’s what makes them so greasy/good. While you can add some of that deliciousness, you can determine just how drenched you want yours to be. If you’ve gained the “Quarantine 15” then you know too much butter isn’t doing your belly any favors. Add more flavor with hot sauce and seasonings. You’ll still get that “comfort food” feeling without all the fat.

Make it a “dinner date” by connecting over chicken with friends from afar. Share recipes via Zoom, cook together remotely, and show off your kitchen skills like you’re a Food Network star. It’s important to maintain social connections, and food gets everyone in the mood.

Not to mention, prepping food at home saves money, so stash the cash for something to celebrate post-corona.

Pump Up The Protein

If you’ve been busy munching on cookies and chips, it’s time to balance out your diet with some muscle-building protein. Find your fill with a serving of chicken wings. Each wing has about 6.5 grams of protein, but who can eat just one?

A well-rounded diet will keep you healthy and happy, and chicken is a solid source of protein. Protein takes longer to digest than carbs, so you’ll feel satisfied and satiated.

We’re All In!

Chicken wings are family-friendly—adults and kids alike can agree on wings as a go-to meal. Alas, no more suppertime squabbles when everyone wants to dig in. If you have leftovers, they make for a quick lunch or afternoon snack. Parents will be proud when the kids nosh on real food rather than the usual junk.

Bonding over the bird makes for fond memories of mealtime. In these crazy times, a sit-down meal with our loved ones is where it’s at.

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