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Meet Nutritionist Jessie Funchion

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Jessie Funchion, MS,  RD, LDN, from whom you will be seeing future blog posts in the areas of weight management, disease prevention and wellness.  A native of Ardmore, PA, Jessie received her BA from  Boston College and returned to Philadelphia for her MS in Human Nutrition from Drexel University.

Welcome to the vybe team Jessie! We look forward to learning from you.

Where are you originally from? I’m from Ardmore, PA. With the exception of my 4 years in Boston and one year living abroad in Mexico, I’ve been in the Philadelphia area. I’ve been downtown for the past 6-7 years and love it. Philadelphia’s a great city and keeps getting better and better.

What drew you to nutrition? I’ve always wanted to have a career in health or social services.. and what drew me to nutrition was the preventative nature of it. With good nutrition, so many health issues can be avoided down the road. On a personal level, I love to cook (and eat!) so it’s fun sharing that passion with others.

Why the focus on weight management and disease prevention? I’ve always been intrigued by issues that affect large groups of the population, and almost EVERYONE at some point in their lives can relate to struggles with weight or chronic disease.

What’s your vybe? (How do you stay healthy?) I’ve definitely gotten healthier since becoming a dietitian! I used to be a very picky eater – surviving on chicken tenders and peanut butter sandwiches throughout my adolescence. I now eat a mostly plant-based diet (think vegan/vegetarian), cook dinner most nights of the week, and do a combination of running, yoga and biking to stay active.

Do you have a number one recommendation for others to stay healthy? Just ONE recommendation. this is tough. If you haven’t done so already, swap out your sugary drinks for calorie-free ones. Soda, lemonade, teas, juices all contribute a ton of calories and sugar to our diets. Water, seltzer and unsweetened tea or coffee are best.