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At-Home Exercise During COVID-19: No Gym, No Problem

At-Home Exercise During COVID-19: No Gym, No Problem

The pandemic has us spending more time at home than ever and with many gyms closed, working out isn’t on the agenda for people who’ve decided to ditch their exercise efforts as a “side effect.”

Even if your gym is open for business, it’s understandable if you’re not comfortable going back just yet. However, just because you’re staying safer at home doesn’t mean you should give up on your fitness. You may not be revealing your shape to anyone but your immediate family, but a healthy body is more than meets the eye.

Working out has benefits far beyond washboard abs and buns of steel. Sure, those assets are certainly admirable, but exercise is for health and happiness, not selfies and showing off. Being sedentary and sluggish only leads to lower energy and less enthusiasm to get moving. There’s only so much binge-watching one can do, even when social distancing keeps us spread apart.

Can’t get to the gym? Don’t let that deter you from getting your blood flowing and your muscles engaged. As the COVID situation lingers, your health is in your hands. Being fit gives you a boost in the healthy body department, and anything you can do to protect yourself is well worth the effort. You can exercise at home, get real results, and feel proud of yourself for your self-motivation and sticking with it.

Here are some at-home workout tips to get you in shape that are fun and practical, allowing you to get stronger, improve your stamina, and stay healthy!

YouTube Videos

Not sure what to do/where to start? Click on YouTube for an endless array of workout videos for all levels of fitness. You can find anything from yoga to muscle-building routines, even if you don’t have any weights or dumbbells at home. Try a dance video or an abdominal workout. Mix it up and you’ll never get bored.

Online Training

In today’s high-tech world, you don’t need in-person personal training to get that one-on-one experience. Sign up with a certified trainer online who can work with you towards achieving your individual goals remotely. Video sessions are just as good as face-to-face meetings. Your trainer may even be able to provide nutritional advice as well. Having someone to hold you accountable is another perk that will keep you involved and engaged.

Break Up The Day

If you’re working from home amid the pandemic, your work-play balance may be thrown off. Use your at-home workouts as a way to create a divide in the daily grind. Schedule your exercise mid-day or once your work shift is done. Perhaps the mornings are better. Maybe a few shorter workouts spread throughout the day is doable. However you can squeeze ‘em in, just do it. Not only will you get in better shape, but you’ll create a routine that gives you some relief from what seems like the monotony of “Groundhog’s Day.”

Get Outside

You certainly don’t need to do your exercises indoors. Step outside for some fresh air and space. Be sure you maintain distance from others so you can exercise mask-free for easy breathing. Walk, run, hike, bike, or even roller skate. Whatever gets you motivated to move is the best workout for you. The cardio exercise will keep you in shape as you burn calories and work your core. Make it a family affair if everyone’s on board, or pair up with a friend you know has been following safety rules throughout the pandemic. Not to mention, the Vitamin D from the sunshine will boost your natural immunity.

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