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5 Safety Tips To Creep It Real This Halloween

Are you carving out time for some gourd old-fashioned fun this Halloween? Here are five quick tips to help guarantee that your day is a treat.

1. Be seen.

Make sure you and your costume are shining bright enough to be seen in the dark. Wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight, or accessorize with reflective tape or light-up jewelry. If you’re trick or treating, illuminating your little ghouls can also help you keep track as they run from house to house.

2. Stick to a single household.

Keeping Halloween events (parties, trick or treating, scary movie marathons…) to a single household can reinforce social distancing. As a result, this can help to stop the spread of COVID-19. This is especially true for the unvaccinated. Not only will it help keep you safe, but it may also mean first dibs on the good candy.

3. Mask up.

Your face mask helps keep you safe every other day of the year, so why not let it in on the fun this Halloween? Get creative and decorate your mask to add some spooky flair to your costume.

4. Eat a snack.

The true trick to a successful Halloween is ending your evening without a stomach ache. Eat a balanced snack before heading out and you’ll be less likely to gorge yourself on those eerie-sistible fun-size candy bars.

5. Leave the candy on your doorstep.

Encourage social distancing by putting a bowl of candy on your doorstep. Having trick-or-treaters collect candy away from the house means fewer kids huddled around your doorbell, therefore helping to stop the spread of germs. Feel free to dress up as a scarecrow and lay in wait on your porch to give trick-or-treaters a fright—and stop unchaperoned kids from taking the entire bowl.

However, you decide to celebrate, remember to stay safe out there! If anything goes topsy-turvy,  vybe urgent care is here for you every day of the year—including the spookiest.