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Livin’ la vida vybe: The Purpose and Culture of vybe urgent care

Here on the vybe urgent care blog, we focus on the #healthyvybes we encourage our patients to incorporate into their daily lives, provide insights on healthcare-related matters, and tell stories about our incredible team (who we like to call our trybe). However, as a medical practice and as a company, we are so much more than the stories we tell — we have a strong culture, purpose, and set of values which motivate and inspire our work every single day – we call this “la vida vybe.”

The vybe trybe is passionate about serving patients, helping people feel better, solving health problems so everyone can live in a healthy way. [This] led to the formation of the vybe purpose: everyone deserves great care. This purpose will serve as our drive each day because everyone has bad days, sick days, sad days – and we’re here to provide great care to make those days a little bit better.” — Peter Hotz, President & CEO, vybe urgent care

To ensure our purpose is being fulfilled, we call on three core values in everything we do:


At vybe, we are here first and foremost to help you. In helping, we value the importance of strengthening our local community, communicating thoroughly and thoughtfully with all of our clients and acting in a safe, responsible and kind manner throughout our practice.


We would be nothing without our trybe, who make it their mission to offer enthusiastic, high-quality and respectable care to everyone who walks through our doors.

In valuing teamwork, we value doing the right thing, the first time. Our trybe believes that with great communication, a team can do anything. So, we listen for both what is said, and what isn’t — and act on both. We take the extra step to surprise and delight both our patients and colleagues alike. Passionate about redefining healthcare and working with an amazing team of clinicians? Believe that everyone deserves great care? We’re always looking to grow our vybe trybe!


If you’re familiar with vybe, you already know all about our #positivevybes. We encourage implementing a healthy lifestyle, living in a healthy way and celebrating successes both big and small. To provide great care for everyone, we must also applaud our trybe and our patients for taking steps towards wellbeing.

The vybe trybe prides itself on unconditional positivity as well as being kind, warm, caring, interested and trusting with our patients. Regardless of the reason for your visit, we believe everyone deserves great care and we’re here to make sure you get it.

Bonus Fun Fact: The information shared in this blog post is carried on-hand daily, on a small card, by all vybe employees. Talk about #positivevybes!

If you find yourself experiencing a non-life-threatening medical emergency (or just want to come visit us and see what vybe is all about) and reside in the Philadelphia region, make a trip to one of our vybe urgent care locations (Center City, Roxborough, Port Richmond or South Philly) for immediate medical assistance. Our urgent care centers are open seven days a week 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday.