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Joel Kristoferson’s Healthy vybe

It’s not all doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals over here at vybe urgent care. Director of Finance Joel Kristoferson is one of our superstars behind the scenes. Aside from the fact that he’s a Dallas Cowboys fan (and we’ll give him a pass since he’s from Texas), Joel is a pretty swell guy!

Get to know him:

Joel Kristoferson

Why did you decide to work in healthcare?

I grew up in a family of doctors and physical therapists with healthcare being a constant topic of conversation. As a 5-year-old kid, I’d go with my dad to the hospital while he made rounds on his patients. I saw first-hand the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping people feel better. I also love finance and investing so working at vybe is a perfect combination.

What do you like most about working at vybe?

I like that the vybe team is always looking for ways to offer better, faster, and less expensive healthcare for its patients. We’re never satisfied with the status quo, which keeps things interesting!

What’s your favorite area of Philadelphia?

I love walking through Old City and seeing the historic buildings and homes that were so important to the founding of our country. I’ve read biographies of many of our early Presidents and Old City Philadelphia brings that history to life.

What’s your favorite Philly sports team or event?

I grew up in Texas so it’s tough to root for a Philly sports team. Maybe someday. Until then, go Cowboys!

What’s on your bucket list?

I’ve always wanted to learn to kiteboard and I’m hoping to take lessons at the Jersey Shore this summer.

What’s your most helpful health tip?

Get a flu vaccination every winter. As Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

How do you find your vybe? (How do you stay healthy?)

I have a sweet tooth and a tendency to eat any chocolate or candy in sight. I purposely avoid buying these types of treats at the grocery store because I’ve realized that I don’t have the willpower to resist at home.