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Happy National Yoga Month: Get in the Zen Zone


You’ve surely heard of the many benefits of yoga, but if the idea of contorting yourself into a “downward facing dog” sounds dreadful, it’s time to learn a little more and give yoga the chance it deserves. Enthusiasts will rave about how the ancient practice has changed their lives – mind, body, spirit, and soul.

While there are others who get similar rewards from running or lifting weights, yoga’s techniques require special skills that take patience, perseverance, and control of posture — these elements are at the core of what makes yoga so unique.

With its popularity on the rise, it comes as little surprise that more studios are popping up in towns and cities across the country. Let’s lay out the more inspirational and aspirational aspects of the practice, giving you newbies a nice array of to-dos and must-knows, and providing the “pros” with ways to expand on their interest.


Yoga can be for all types of people

Although yoga may seem daunting to folks who aren’t flexible, those who favor the gym, or people who haven’t dusted off the dumbbells in a long time. But yoga is a special practice because there are a variety of different styles and classes that can fit the needs of each yogi. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, while others looking to break a sweat can try Vinyasa or other fast-paced styles.

From increasing range of motion to practicing mindful breathing, or enhancing overall health, the motivations to do yoga are all meaningful. So if you’re wary of your skillset, give a few different styles a go — all you just need a mat and an open mind.


Add some adventure

Traveling is thrilling in itself, and vacationing where yoga is an integral part of the region or resort can make the trip even more extraordinary. There are some beautiful destinations around the world where yogis can embrace the atmosphere while getting each asana (body pose/posture) situated just so — from guided retreats to local studios, there are ways to practice yoga no matter where you are.

With that being said, try practicing it on your next vacation, or even implement it on your next staycation in your backyard or local park!

For those who’d prefer to take a fun-loving approach to the activity, trends like goat yoga and cat yoga (you do the yoga, the animals do what they deem appropriate), and aerial yoga, where you hang from cloths draped from the ceiling, are making the practice less daunting and more doable.


A peaceful pleasure

There’s far too much unrest in the world. If you’re able to carve out an hour to focus on finding your inner peace, do so by way of yoga. The practice itself is about transformation, growth, and mindfulness. Many people use yoga to connect with themselves, and use it to decompress after a long week.

If you can get fit and find this sort of spiritual awakening, the effort is worth engaging in. Whether you’re looking for a way to relieve stress, trying to push your physical endurance in new ways, or just searching for a new adventure, yoga could be a good option!

In honor of National Yoga Month, start with an open mind and welcome new routines into your life — grab a mat and give it a try.


If you’re considering yoga or any new exercise routine, be sure you are in proper physical shape to do so. An exam at your nearest vybe location can get you started safely.