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Get In the Halloween Vibe… With vybe!


As an urgent care facility, you might not expect vybe to be on the Halloween bandwagon, but we’re not ones to spoil the fun. In fact, the vybe trybe couldn’t be more excited when this particular holiday comes around. We’re not necessarily advocating stuffing your sack with enough sugar to last all year, but there’s lots of fun to be had and much more to the celebration than just sweets.


Halloween And Emotional Health

Halloween can be good for the spirit – and we don’t mean ghosts and goblins. For instance, getting together with friends to let loose and express yourself is not only enjoyable, but may also be good for your well-being. When else can you embrace your inner Meghan Markle or Captain America? It’s a day when nothing is off-limits and fun trumps formality.

Your costume says a lot about your character – even if you dress up completely differently than you normally would. Use the 31st to step out of your comfort zone or take your already flamboyant flair up a notch. People are pretty much expecting you to push the boundaries on Halloween.

Halloween gives typically shy people a chance to step into the spotlight without the pressures the other 364 days of the year can bring. Friends who do the same thing every year can finally change it up. Families can bond as they dress up as a unit, stop by neighbors’ homes, and snap photos that will one day become precious members.


The Candy Conundrum

Ask any kid (or adult, for that matter) what comes to mind when Halloween is mentioned and free candy is sure to be the number one response. Without bite-sized chocolate bars and stuff that makes your teeth stick together, Halloween wouldn’t be quite the same. Sure, the decorations can be dramatic and the all-day movie marathons make for scary must-see TV, but without the candy, Halloween is a snore. Overindulging has led to lots of tummy aches on November 1st , so enjoy your favorite treats, but remember to practice self-control. If you happen you go overboard, vybe’s always around for a consult.


Healthier Options?

Nobody likes the mom who hands out boxes of raisins. She may have good intentions, but wrinkled fruit will never beat out a Snickers bar. That said, there’s more to life than coming down from a self-induced sugar high. There are only so many M&M’s one can eat before their jaw starts to ache.

Instead, embrace the natural sweets so plentiful during Halloween season, specifically, apples and pumpkin. Bobbing for apples is an old-fashioned way to get into the seasonal spirit, so when you chomp on yours, chow down. Decorating apples is also enjoyable, so get creative before you crunch. Of course, pumpkins are everywhere, and aside from carving a Jack-o’-lantern, dig in and dine. From pumpkin soup to puddings and pies, the vitamin A and potassium inside each bright orange ball is bountiful. The seeds can be toasted and salted for a savory snack, or pop chunks of pumpkin in the oven, and serve as a side dish instead of potatoes.


Pumpkin Fun Facts

Pumpkins are part of the Halloween vibe, whether they’re on your stoop or still at the patch. Why not brush up on some pumpkin talking points you can use to impress your friends at the Halloween party?

  • Pumpkin is part of the squash family
  • “Pumpkin” comes from the word “pepon” which is Greek for “large melon”
  • Jack-‘o-lanterns were originated to scare off demons
  • The world’s largest pumpkin weighed in at 2,624.6 lbs.
  • An old wives’ tale claimed pumpkin was a remedy for snake bites…and a “cure” for freckles
  • Pumpkins are composed of 90% water
  • Pumpkins are grown on all continents…except Antarctica
  • Morton, Illinois is billed as the “Pumpkin Capital of the World”
  • The average pumpkin has 500 seeds

Get ready to be the life of the party!

Have a safe and sober Halloween and try not to stay out too late. This year it falls on a Thursday, so you’ll be expected at work on Friday wearing something without angel wings or a tail. And wash that silly string out of your hair!

Remember, if you do wind up with a bellyache from too much chocolate, suffer from an unfortunate pumpkin carving incident, someone cracks an egg in your eye, or a naughty witch jabs you with her broomstick, there’s a vybe nearby ready to “treat” you.


Happy Halloween!