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4 Safety Innovations Rolling into the Philly Auto Show


The streets of Philadelphia are bustling with cars every day, but there are a few more cars rolling into the city this time of year. In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Auto Show is in town this weekend (and there’s still time to get tickets).

At vybe urgent care, we know how important it is to be cautious while driving, especially during inclement winter weather — that’s why we love cars that have added safety features. Here are some helpful features to look for when you’re car shopping, and they’re all available at the Auto Show.


1.   Top Notch Airbags

When an accident happens, it’s important that passengers have proper cushioning during impact. Years ago, drivers used to think that airbags guaranteed their safety. But more recent news about airbag malfunctions have led automakers back to the drawing board to reinvent the air bag – not only making them better, but adding more for more safety.

At the Philadelphia Auto Show, you can find a prime example of this in the new Lexus LC. This ride is equipped with an eight-airbag system which gives drivers full protection. If your airbags ever fail to deploy or the impact of the bag itself leaves you with a painful abrasion, stop by and let us take a look. You’ll be seen urgently, and treated kindly for any of these conditions related to an accident.


2.   Impact Protection is Everything

The exterior of your car is your first line of defense when it comes to staying safe. During a collision, having a strong exterior will allow your car to take more of a blow without it affecting you and your passengers. But with manufacturers moving toward lighter weight materials that favor fuel economy, the challenge has been in doing so without compromising the exterior’s durability.

The exterior of the Mitsubishi Outlander is constructed to absorb energy during a collision, so you remain secure and stable. They call it Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE).

Feeling slight muscle pain after a collision? Come see us. A visit to vybe urgent care is quick, easy, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!


3.   Say Goodbye to Blind Spots

Being able to see your surroundings is crucial in avoiding collisions. Blind spot monitoring allows you to see those small areas that you can be all too easy to miss when you’re trying to change lanes. This feature can surely come in handy on Broad Street!

Plenty of cars – such as the Chrysler 300, which can be found at the Philly Auto Show – have integrated an innovative feature alerts you when there are cars or obstructions in your blind spot with noises and lights. If your neck is feeling stiff due to an accident or if you’re just finding it hard to turn and check your mirrors from everyday wear and tear, don’t hesitate to stop by your neighborhood vybe urgent care.


4.   The Safest Way to Cruise Control

If you’re someone who commutes to and from the city, you may be familiar with hitting that cruise control button on the highway. Adaptive cruise control detects the speed of the cars surrounding you and slows down your vehicle to avoid distracted drivers from cruising at unsafe speeds.

The new Volvo S60 makes sure that if highway traffic comes to an abrupt stop, you’ll stop in plenty of time behind them. Call it your own personal safety net!

Cars are nice to look at and tons of fun to drive, but always remember that their safety features are just as important when you’re deciding on your next set of wheels. Even with these features and the most attentive drivers, accidents can still happen.

At vybe, your safety is our top priority! If you’re involved in an accident, it’s important to get checked out when something doesn’t feel quite right. Left untreated, sometimes a small health issue can turn into a bigger health problem.   Don’t hesitate to visit your vybe urgent care; we cover a wide variety of healthcare services and we’re always here to help you feel better as soon as you walk in!