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Archive for September, 2019

Where to Enjoy Philly-Style Fun This Fall

  October is chock full of festivities; it’s the perfect time for friends and families to enjoy the very best [...]

The Reality of Rabies: What to Know, What to Do

  Rabies isn’t something you think about every day, but when the topic does arise, it can make you feel [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “Can a Cool Aunt Sneak Her Nephews in for Vaccinations?”

  Dear Dr. vybe,   My sister is a bit of a hippie and well, she doesn’t vaccinate her kids. Yikes — [...]

Happy National Yoga Month: Get in the Zen Zone

  You’ve surely heard of the many benefits of yoga, but if the idea of contorting yourself into a “downward [...]

Dear Dr. vybe: “Are These South Philly Strays a Danger to My Child?”

  Dear Dr. vybe,   My neighborhood is sort of known for stray cats, much to my son’s excitement — he [...]

Safe Driving: the Dos And Don’ts That Rule the Road

  When you’re behind the wheel, it’s not just important to drive safely — it’s crucial. But staying [...]

The ABCs Of Cholesterol: Learning the Basics of Better Health

Do you ever wonder what you ought to know about cholesterol? You see the commercials, read the headlines, and get [...]

Keep an Eye on It: Preventing Eye Injuries

When it comes to eye injuries, it’s always wise to be on the lookout — literally! Eye issues can result in serious [...]