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Family vybes: Spending Summer in Philadelphia

Some people assume that there is little to do that qualifies as family or kid-friendly in a major city like Philadelphia. The high volume of traffic, both of people and vehicles, may make it seem as though you must travel elsewhere to spend quality time with loved ones.

Summer in Philadelphia

As Philadelphians, we tend to feel that is far from the truth, especially so during the summer season. Below are five Philadelphia-area places to explore with family in the coming months — there’s plenty of family-friendly fun to be had right here in our backyard!

Dilworth Park

Located on the west side of City Hall, Dilworth Park is the newest and liveliest of the city’s parks. The space is packed with seating, in-ground fountains and green areas that are great for kids and parents alike. Check out the Dilworth Park summer schedule for additional events at the park including concerts, yoga classes and fairs coming up throughout the summer.

Rittenhouse Square

If you’re looking for more grass than you would find at Dilworth, Rittenhouse Square is the city park for you. Located in the heart of Center City on Walnut Street, Rittenhouse offers families plenty of green space to relax upon. The park is typically bustling with young families and dogs, so you can people-watch while enjoying time with your loved ones. The park also features plenty of statues, flowers, and fountains for family photo-ops.

Tip: If Rittenhouse feels a bit too crowded, head down to Washington Square Park — it’s extremely similar but far less high-traffic.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Go outside the box with a trip to Spruce Street Harbor Park this summer. Located near Penn’s Landing, Spruce Street Harbor Park has something to offer for visitors of all ages. The park is full of colorful twinkle lights and hammocks to enjoy, but there’s also plenty of food, fountains, and outdoor games to take in with the whole family. It’s right on the water of the Delaware River so your little ones can even see boats passing by while relaxing in the park!

BlueCross River Rink Summerfest

You may be familiar with BlueCross River Rink as a popular wintertime attraction in Philadelphia — a place to go ice-skating and hot chocolate around the holidays. In the summer months the ice rink becomes an old school roller rink and the surrounding area turns into carnival grounds, complete with a carousel and Ferris wheel! There’s also mini golf, Chickie’s and Pete’s and Franklin Fountain ice cream (perhaps not the healthiest outing food-wise but moderation is key).

Philadelphia Zoo

Did you know that our city is home to the first and oldest zoo in the United States? It’s true! The Philadelphia Zoo houses over 1,300 animals and 340+ different species. Set aside one weekend this summer to enjoy a trip to the zoo with the kids and meet dozens of creatures you won’t find anywhere else.

Tip: Remember to wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing — this activity requires a lot of walking so it’s important to stay cool and comfortable!

Any activity that involves spending time outdoors can result in accidents or injuries. If you or your child experience a trip, slip, fall, bite or sting while outdoors this summer please visit one of our four

Philadelphia-area vybe locations (Port Richmond, Center City, South Philly or Roxborough) for immediate assistance or call us at 215-999-6060. Our centers are open 7 days a week from

8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday.