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How American Football Fans Can Make the Most of the Eagles in London

The Philadelphia Eagles are a few weeks away from touching down in London. That’s right, our beloved birds will be flying overseas to battle the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on Oct. 28.

For the lucky Philadelphians who will be sipping tea, eating crumpets, and watching Wentz in real time, vybe urgent care has some tips for your time in London. After all, staying safe and healthy while traveling abroad is essential for a great trip!

Keep Out of the River Thames

It may be tempting to take a celebratory swim if (and when) the Birds beat the Jags. But don’t even think about diving into the River Thames. Not only is the Thames confusing to pronounce, but its waters can be dangerous! With heavy currents and riptides, it’s easy to get swept away — better to stay ashore!

As for our Philly fans watching from their home turf, please don’t dip in the Delaware, either. Although the view may be nice from Spruce Street Harbor Park, the water isn’t green in honor of the Eagles. Should you find yourself water logged and covered in questionable algae, visit any vybe location to be seen by our medical team, who can put your worries at ease.

Take it Easy on the Fish and Chips

Philly Cheesesteaks are delicious. That’s a fact. But eating too many can be bad for your health — even adding mushrooms and onions can’t quite redeem their nutritional value. Fish and chips are no better for your body, but they’re comparable in deliciousness.

We like to think of food as fuel, and you won’t get far on a belly full of grease. Please, indulge in a basket or two during your travels, but be mindful of what foods you’re eating and keep your water intake high. You’ll need plenty of energy to cheer on the Eagles!

Look Both Ways…Twice

Be sure to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. On your way to Wembley, keep in mind that cars drive on the wrong (left) side of the road over there. That can be hard to get used to – so look both ways before you cross London streets. If you need to drive, we suggest you call a cab; it’s best to leave the driving to the professionals!

One perk of staying in Philly for the game is that traffic won’t be backed up, because the Linc will be empty. Score! Still, we suggest that you always look both ways when you cross Broad Street — your health and safety is vybe’s top priority. From bike or car accidents, to bruised knees and scrapes, our team can help you feel better, as soon as you walk in the door.


Watch What You Say About Big Ben…

Sure, the Jags are our opponents for this one. But any Eagles fan knows that one of our truest rivals share a state with us. Before you get yourself in a tussle, remember that Big Ben in the UK isn’t a Pittsburgh Steeler; it’s a beloved clock tower in the heart of London.

Should you find yourself talking American football at a pub with some nice English chaps, be careful what you say about the infamous quarterback, Roethlisberger. Bar fights happen, and they can get serious! If you’re catching the game at Xfinity Live, we know that things can get heated during tense plays and bad calls. Luckily, vybe is just a few blocks north to help patch you up.

To all of the Eagles fans following the team to London, stay safe and keep our friendly tips in mind. Also – remember to stop by any vybe location and get your flu shot before you take off! For the fans staying east of the Atlantic for pretzels and beer, instead of tea and crumpets, your local vybe location can assist with a variety of medical needs, covering: injuries, illnesses, x-rays, vaccinations and physicals, to name a few.