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How to Savor Summer Without Overindulging

The dog days of summer are here – time to start all those plans you totally had to get done before fall. So you go on those last minute shore trips, maybe tour the Art Museum, or finally get out to the ballpark and support your playoff hungry Phillies.  You realize the Phils aren’t the only ones who are hungry, so maybe you indulge in some crab fries at Chickie & Pete’s or a steak from Tony Luke’s.

Well before you know it, one cheat turns into two, and two turns into a whole lot more than two, and then your whole diet goes out the window. But worry not, we all go through the same temptations that come along with last minute summer plans. Here are some helpful tips to help combat those pesky cravings and ensure a healthy seasonal transition ahead.

Eat a small, homemade snack before heading to the event.

Again, everybody has gone to a sporting event or a concert and cheated on their diet. It’s fine. It happens. It also means you know how expensive everything is. So remember to eat something beforeyou go out to save your stomach and your wallet from the Stadium Food Curse.

The SFC strikes when you think it won’t hurt to get in line for some stadium food like popcorn and soda. It’s hard to help yourself when that sort of craving calls, but eating before you go out can help make sure you keep those munchies from affecting you in a major way.

A quick granola bar before you leave can keep you going and make sure you spend that money on merch you can take home, not food you leave there. Not a fan of granola? No worries, here are a bunch of great tasting snack options you can make that’ll help curb your cravings.

See what’s available before choosing a food item.

You know the stadium classics (hotdogs, cotton candy, etc.), so it’s easy enough to make them your go-to snack option. Contrary to popular belief, even places like a ballpark carry plenty of healthy options nowadays. But don’t just take our word for it. Check this out.

This is true for summer activities and destinations all over the city, shore, and beyond. All it takes is a quick Google search to find a ton of options that are as delicious as they are good for you.

Stay hydrated throughout the day and don’t overexert yourself.

You’d be surprised how easily you can get dehydrated at your favorite concerts, festivals, and other late-summer outdoor activities. After all, you are standing in a field in one of the hottest months of the year next to thousands of people.

In these situations, it’s always important to make sure you have a plan of action. Bring plenty of sunscreen and water. If the particular event doesn’t allow outside beverages in the venue, scout the scene and locate where free or cheap water is. Next, locate your other important safety areas: shade, a medical tent, and anywhere that could act as a watering hole to get you through the hot days.

Also crucial: please remember to moderate your intake of dehydrating substances such as alcohol. Sure, you want to boogie down, but know your limitations.  Make sure you get something to drink in between sets to refill and balance your hydration so you can keep on rocking until the sun sets.

Add in an extra workout if you do indulge.

Again, nobody’s perfect. It’s totally fine to add a little cheat day here and there and when you’re hustling and bustling for a beach trip. Just make sure you keep track of the extra stuff you’re intaking and add a little extra activity to balance out those sweets. Go surfing for an hour or two. Go find the local gym and hit the treadmill. Anything to get those extra calories and carbs out of your system before they can do too much damage.

The dog days of summer are tempting. There’s a lot going on and, to be honest, that summer bod might just not seem as important heading into fall. But follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to keep your health in check.

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