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5 People Who Are Likely to Catch the Flu This Fall

Labor Day is in the rearview and as we finish mourning summer’s end, we must now consider the cold hard fact that flu season is officially upon us.

And what could that mean? Flu shots, of course!

We’re already offering them at all vybe urgent care locations, so come on in and get yours now. Otherwise you’ll be fumbling through fall trying to avoid these five individuals, who will likely be spreading the flu this season:

1. Free Hugs Guy on the Wildwood Boardwalk

Hear us out: When the flu virus lands on somebody’s hands and they go to open a door, turn on a sink, or something along those lines in a public area, they spread those germs to whatever they touch. Those germs survive on that surface for up to 48 hours. Once you touch that same area, they transfer onto you.

Think about how many people have touched this person. Hard pass, keep your hugs, bro.

2. Post Malone 

No real reason for this one other than some people think Post Malone basically looks like he has the flu 24/7. Sure, we’ll throw him in the mix. This is also a great place to remind you that flu is easily transmitted via shared cigarettes, vapes, and hookah mouthpieces.

3. Doorknob Lickers

Who are these people? Why are there so many pictures of them on the internet? Why are they like this? We have so many questions – the most important of which being: “Have they never heard about how the flu spreads?

The answer is “apparently not,” because the truth is that one of the most common ways that the flu spreads is through the exchange of these types of physical objects that lots of people touch: silverware, phones, remotes, and – yes – doorknobs.

4. People That Sit on the Turf at the Dog Park

The turf at your local dog parks is among the filthiest places in the city. What makes you think they’ll be washing their hands an adequate number of times per day if they’re voluntarily sitting in a place like this? Matter of fact, be careful who you choose to shake hands with. These people could be spreading the flu (among other things) to you.

5. Mr. I’m-Too-Cool-for-a-Flu-Shot

Oh really? You’re “too cool?” Tell me again what’s cool about being bedridden for a week with chills, dehydration, fatigue, fever, flushing, loss of appetite, body ache, and sweating?

You’re about half as likely to get the flu if you get vaccinated. The flu shot is your best bet at escaping flu season healthy as a horse. The sooner you get one, the less you’ll need to worry about all of these flu carriers listed above.

Again, it’s always better to be prepared for flu season around just after Labor Day. That’s why vybe began offering flu shots at all of our locations earlier this month.

So needless to say, you can come in now to beat the rush – no hassles, no appointments necessary. Just drop by after work or school, get the shot, and be on your way knowing that you’ve done all you can to prepare for a healthy and happy flu season.